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    Created in late 1998
    Last edited 31.12.04

The Armand/Santino Series

"Love consists in this, that two soltitudes protect and touch and greet each other." - Rainer Maria Rilke

These specs were written together with my most wonderful Mom Cecilia.

Unspoken Memories
Armand and Santino meet by chance, and finally talk about their mutual past.
Spoilers for TVL, MtD and TVA, 78KB

Unexpected Revelations
Set five months after Unspoken Memories. Armand and Santino are traveling together, when Marius comes to take his fledgling home.
Spoilers for MtD and TVA, 96KB

Unscrupulous Fiend
An accident forces Armand and Santino to return to New Orleans, where they cross the path of an old acquaintance.
Spoilers for MtD and TVA, 148KB

Unwanted Miracles
Veronica's Veil is going to be examined by scientists, and three vampires set out to prevent this.
Spoilers for MtD, Pandora and TVA, 123KB

Summer Night
A reward written for Cecilia after finishing a happy spec. I knew she could do it =)