Moments: Iskender and Whitewolf
by Lara
December 2004

This is a piece of amateur fiction and not intended to infringe on the copyrights of Mercedes Lackey or her publishers. No profit is being made.

Whitewolf belongs to CC, Iskender and Ceval belong to me, the setting belongs to the Tayledrasclan RPG, which can be found at

It was a good thing that the pool offered privacy, Ceval thought as he watched his Chosen and Adept Whitewolf k’Eirdras enjoy the hot water and each other’s company. After living among Tayledras for more than two years, Isken was fairly immune to embarrassment stemming from showing affection in public, but there were some situations that just did not need an audience.

Which was the reason why he had not joined them in the hot water despite their invitation. He had instead found a nice sandy patch, just perfect for a brisk roll. Isken would complain later about having to brush all the sand out of his coat afterwards. Not that his Chosen actually minded the task; it was a moment of companionship they both enjoyed tremendously, quiet and soothing, just the two of them. Although Ceval wondered whether it was time to invite Whitewolf to join them for it.

The Adept and his Chosen were clearly drawn to each other, even though Ceval suspected that they themselves were not yet aware just how deep the affection ran. An equine nose was a little more sensitive, and he had been picking up some telling scents from both of them lately. Although a superior sense of smell was not really necessary to see that they were attracted to each other.

Ceval rolled over one last time, then quickly got to his feet and shook himself vigorously, sending a small cloud of dust into the air. Glancing at Isken and Whitewolf, he saw that they had moved from talking to kissing.

With a content whicker he watched, just for a moment, then moved to a sunny spot to spend the rest of the afternoon letting the sun warm his coat.

He strongly approved of their emerging relationship. In his eyes Whitewolf was exactly what Isken needed – someone who was capable of accepting him the way he was, with all his faults and his differences. That had always been the cause of problems in Isken’s past relationships. For Tayledras he was too much of a Valdemaran, a foreigner, while the Valdemarans thought that his travels had left him with too many strange views and habits.

And in turn, Isken was good for Whitewolf, giving him stability and an external focus point. Mages sometimes had greater difficulties to stay emotionally balanced, and Whitewolf still carried a lot of guilt from the past. He had spoken to Ceval about Windsong, and about what had happened to Moonwolf. It was sometimes easier to confide in someone who walked on four legs instead of two, and Ceval had offered his help. Whitewolf had accepted and it had led to a friendship between them that was closer than Ceval had thought possible to have with anyone except for his Chosen.

It sometimes made him wonder whether, if Whitewolf had grown up in Valdemar, he would have been the one Ceval felt was right as his Chosen. Sometimes there were familiar sensations he felt when he and Whitewolf talked, sensations usually only experienced in Isken’s company.

He wondered whether it was possible for a Companion to Choose twice. As far as he knew, only Taver and Rolan, Companions to the Monarch’s Own and Grove-born, had ever done so, and only when their Chosen had died. But that did not mean that it was not possible; it merely meant that it had not happened before.

Isken seemed rather happy about the current situation, Ceval thought as he shielded a bit more tightly to give his Chosen privacy. Hopefully Whitewolf felt the same; they both had been alone long enough, and they deserved each other.

The End

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