Moments: Karim and Zen
by Lara
December 2004

Zen belongs to CC, Karim belongs to me, the setting belongs to the Onix RPG which can be found at

The tide had turned a while ago, from flood to ebb, and the small waves now washed seashells ashore as more and more of the beachís white sand was uncovered. The sound of the surf was soothing, the white crests of the waves in stark contrast to the deep blue of the water. It was a beautiful day, no traces of clouds visible in the sky. Perfect for asking in the sun and enjoying its warmth.

Karim lazily watched the progress of a seagull as it made its way along the beach, picking at the sand as it searched for food. The bird reminded him of his brotherís wife Ė Cassia sometimes chose this form when she became tired of being inhuman shape. It had always fascinated Karim, and he had wondered what it would be like to fly with the aid of wings. But the desire to find out had never been quite strong enough to make him try this himself. A seagull might be able to fly, but a human body was what Karim considered preferable in most situations.

Like now Ė sunbathing on the beach was simply more satisfying when one did not have to worry about sand in the feathers. Besides, Zen was here with him. And Karim suspected that his lover would object if he suddenly acquired feathers and a beak.

As if he had heard the thought, Zen rolled onto his side and opened his eyes, giving Karim an inquiring look.

"Nothing," Karim murmured, moving closer so he could feel his loverís sun-warmed skin against his own. "Just thinking silly things."

That brought a smile to Zenís face and he closed his eyes again, obviously happy with the situation.

"I love you, you know?" Karim rested his head on Zenís shoulder, enjoying their closeness.

"MmÖ love you tooÖ"

"Sleepyhead." Smiling, Karim raised a hand to comb his fingers through Zenís soft golden hair. "I think you were made for lying on a beach and soaking up the sun. None of my brothers ever manage to look so relaxed, and they are sea gods. You are just beautiful with the sun in your hair."

He raised his head a little to watch Zenís face as he said this. Calling Zen beautiful meant walking a fine line, as he had found out in the past. His lover was gradually getting over the thought that being beautiful was bad and even dangerous. T was a slow process; such deep scars took time to heal. Karim often wished he could do more to help his over with this. But there was nothing he could do except offer Zen reassurance and silently curse the men who had done such harm to his lover.

This time Zenís face remained calm, although Karim could see a trace of surprise as their eyes met.

"Beautiful," he repeated.

Zen smiled shyly, his eyes bright with happiness, and Karim felt as if he were falling in lover all over again.

The End

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