Moments: Nightsong and Bluehawk
by Lara
December 2004

This is a piece of amateur fiction and not intended to infringe on the copyrights of Mercedes Lackey or her publishers. No profit is being made.

Bluehawk belongs to CC, Nightsong belongs to me, the setting belongs to the Tayledrasclan RPG, which can be found at

"… and so we must not allow another Herald into the Vale." Sunflower sat down again, content that she had made her point.

Nightsong glanced at Whitewolf, praying that the other Adept would stay quiet. Whitewolf was not the most objective and neutral source of information on this topic, and the others knew it. Anything he said on the issue would at best have no effect at all, and at worst it would harm his reputation. If he could have been certain that nobody would notice, Nightsong would have mindspoken him to caution him. But all the council members were strong mindspeakers, and they might notice. Which would damage the reputation of both of them.

Fortunately Rainshadow picked up the argument, and Moonwolf supported her. It allowed Nightsong to stay silent, which was preferable when a matter of principle was being discussed. He knew that if he stated his opinion too early it would influence the others. And he needed to be able to rely on them giving him their honest opinions.

The discussion went on for a while with neither the arguments in favor of permitting another Herald into the Vale nor the ones against it being the winning ones in the end. Nightsong himself cautiously favored the idea. Herald Iskender had proven quite valuable so far, but of course there was a danger that the next Herald might not fit in quite as well. Still, after all the contact between the Tayledras Vales and Valdemar lately, it was probably unavoidable. And Iskender was clearly going to stay, so there was no need for another Herald for now. This decision was going to be in principle only; the reason why they were making it now as because rumors had begun to grow that new Heralds would come and the Council felt that the issue needed to be settled.

At sunset they could finally close the meeting with at decision that was in favor of allowing another Herald into the Vale if certain conditions were met.

Nightsong waited until the others had left, in case any wished to speak to him in private. Rainshadow stayed for a while to discuss Ah’shya’s progress, then looked at him, frowned and told him to get some sleep. Nightsong watched her leave, wondering whether she was ever going to see him as anything but her student.

The way to Bluehawk’s home seemed longer than usual, and Nightsong was becoming aware just how exhausting the day had been. The previous week had not been easy either, and he could feel the tiredness and the stress catch up with him. Nightsong sighed. He had hoped to spend the evening with Bluehawk, but he knew that he would not be very entertaining company. His lover worried enough as it was; maybe he should just stay in the ekele so he would not ruin his lover’s evening. Bluehawk would be in the house on the ground, and surely there was something he had to do. Something more important than watching Nightsong pass out from exhaustion.

With that thought in mind Nightsong changed his direction. He would send Aris with an apology later and go to see Bluehawk in the morning to explain in person. It just would not be fair to him to make him worry now. His lover had to put up with too much already.

Nightsong tried to devote as much time to Bluehawk as he could, but he knew that it was not enough. Too often there were concerns of the Vale which had to come first. There were too many mornings when Nightsong would sneak out of bed while Bluehawk still slept, to speak with returning patrols, too many nights when he would return late, exhausted from work. Nightsong could not neglect is duty to the Vale, ad he knew that Bluehawk sometimes worried about him. Nightsong worried in turn that at some moment it would become too much for Bluehawk to accept. And that thought frightened him more than anything else.

When he reached his ekele, he was surprised not to see Aris waiting for him. She usually would be perching on a branch in one of the nearby trees, happily chatting to him. But not tonight. She probably was with Bluehawk, and that was good. The two of them liked each other, and they would keep each other company.

Climbing up the stairs, Nightsong wondered whether he should ask one of the Hertasi to deliver his message. But when he reached the platform he saw that it was not going to be necessary.

"I knew that it would get late, so I thought I’d best wait for you here," Bluehawk said, smiling at him.

Nightsong tiredly returned the smile. "Ashke, you do not need to…"

Bluehawk shook his head. "I know. But I want to. So just let me stay."

He reached for Nightsong’s hand and led him inside. Aris, sitting on her perch in the corner, fluffed her feathers and screeched happily as Nightsong sent her a quiet greeting.

"I was not certain whether you would have dinner with the council or not, so I asked Tym and Lym to prepare something." Bluehawk held up a hand when Nightsong wanted to protest. "Nothing special, just fruit and tea. I know you probably are not too hungry."

Nightsong sighed softly, giving up his resistance. "What would I do without you, pretty bird?"

"I hope you never find out." Bluehawk smiled again, and Nightsong felt guilty for making his lover do all this.


Bluehawk looked at him. "Stop worrying, ashke. I want to do this for you. If you need to, just think of it as me taking care of one of my clients." He winked. "Although you are the only one who will ever get some of the treatment I have in mind right now."

He took Nightsong’s hand again and led him to the pile of cushions near one of the windows where a tray with food was waiting. Slightly more than just fruit and tea, Nightsong noticed, but he did not comment on it.

"Do you have to continue this tomorrow?" Bluehawk asked, settling down next to him and studying his face. "You are tired…"

Nightsong smiled wryly. "Rainshadow said the same, and I wouldn’t rague with either of you. And no, fortunately it is over by now. I don’t think any of the other were willing to let it drag on any longer."

Bluehawk did not ask about the outcome, something Nightsong appreciated immensely. Council matters were not usually kept secret, but sometimes it was simply better to stay quiet about an issue for a few days.

"We will allow other Heralds. For now only if Isken chooses to leave, or if he thinks it necessary to have someone support him, but I daresay that even those conditions will not be more than a formality."

Bluehawk smiled, offering him a cup of tea. "A good solution," he said. "One that might not apply to just Heralds… I am happy about this. And I am certain that Ah’shya will be too. It is comforting to know that those from outside the Vales are welcome here."

Accepting the tea, Nightsong nodded. "Yes… if any Kaled’a’in wish to live here, they will be welcome too." He looked at his lover, serious. "Are you missing them?"

"A little. But not so much that you need to worry about it." Bluehawk frowned when he saw that Nightsong was not eating. "If you are not hungry, then at least let me give you a massage. You will sleep better after that."

The massage led to making love, as it often did between them. Especially now that Nightsong was getting better at giving them and had found some creative ways to ease his lover’s tensions. The scent of Bluehawk’s massage oils was causing some quite interesting associations for him by now.

Afterwards they lay in bed together, content to just enjoy each other’s company. There was no need for words between them in such moments; the other’s presence was enough.

The End

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