Moments: Sirion and Jon
by Lara
December 2004

Jon belongs to CC, Sirion belongs to me, the setting belongs to the Onix RPG which can be found at

Sirion woke up to the feeling of being watched. Lying still, he pretended to be asleep just a moment longer, even though he knew that it would not fool his lover. Through the bond they shared, Jon could sense Sironís awakeness just as clearly as Sirion sensed his.

"Why are you awake already?" he murmured, opening his eyes just long enough that it was still dark outside.

"Because you woke me."

Sirion blinked again, surprised. "How?"

"You were talking in your sleep." Jon sounded somewhat reproachful as he said that, making Sirion wonder whether he was supposed to apologize.

"I didnít do it on purpose," he offered, closing his eyes again in the hope that Jon would let him sleep a little longer. His lover had kept him awake for quite a long time last nightÖ although Sirion had been a quite willing participant in those activities, so it probably was not fair to blame Jon. Still, right now Sirion felt tired enough to happily hold him responsible.

"Just donít do it again." Jon snuggled closer, apparently somewhat mollified. "Actually it was quite interesting."

Sirion had been about to doze off again, but that last comment got his attention.


Just what had he been talking about? He could not remember any dreams, and the tinge of amusement he could sense through the bond did not bode well. Opening his ees again, he found Jon grinning at him.

"Jon? Love, whatever it was I saidÖ"

Jonís grin grew wider. "Donít tell me you didnít mean it," he said, resting his chin on Sirionís chest and pouting at him.

"Didnít mean it? I have no idea what you are talking bout." Sirion scowled at his lover. "You are enjoying this far too much. And you are far too awake."

"And whose fault is that?" Jon smiled at him. "Donít frown like that. You will get wrinkles."

"Theyíll match the grey hairs Iíve been finding ever since I met you." Sirion very deliberately closed his eyes again. He heard Jon laugh softly.

"My poor, sleep-deprived Sirion. Maybe I should just get up and let you restÖ"

Sirion quickly slid an am around his lover.

"Donít you dare," he murmured. "I like you exactly where you are."

Jon sighed contentedly. "All right. But be quiet this time."

"I told you that I didnít do it on purpose! Be happy I only talk and donít snore instead."

"Who says you donít?"


The End

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