Moments: Tiris and Elexis
by Lara
December 2004

Elexis belongs to Sue, Tiris belongs to me, the setting belongs to the Onix RPG which can be found at

The night so far had been totally uneventful, something Tiris was grateful for. He didnít like to think of having to break camp in this kind of weather, and he was certain that Elexis would feel the same. Rain and thunderstorms were not something either of them appreciated after their earlier experiences. A rainstorm was brewing, and it would most likely hit before morning. It was better to stay here in this little cave, wait it out and get the rest they both needed. The rides were tiring Elexis, who was not yet used to being in the saddle for so long. And Tiris had not slept much lately, had instead drawn upon magical energy so he could keep watch during the nights.

He did not know whether it was really necessary for him to stay awake. A shield would keep them safe enough, and so far they had not seen anything on their journey that warranted such vigilance. The most dangerous incident they had experienced until now had been a falling tree, and keeping watch hardly helped in such a case.

Still, for some reason Tiris felt better when he stayed awake. It was almost as if this gave him a chance to personally ascertain that Elexis was safe, in a way that a shield could not.

He glanced at his traveling companion, who was resting peacefully at his side, snuggled into his bedroll. It amazed him that Elexis would sleep so easily, that he trusted him so much. Tiris had always found it difficult to rest with another person nearby, no matter how well they knew each other. There always was a degree of cautionÖ except for now. He did not feel that need for alertness around Elexis.

Perhaps that was why Elexis did not feel it either. As an empathy he certainly sensed that Tiris meant no harm, and maybe this knowledge was reflecting on Tiris as well. They trusted each other, and both knew that being able to do so was a rare and precious thing. Neither had had much reason to be anything but wary around a stranger in the past. Elexis even less than Tiris.

And yet Elexis had been the first to offer his trust.

Tiris slowly shifted into a more comfortable position. The movement disturbed Elexis, who murmured something in his sleep but quieted down again when Tiris lightly stroked the soft brown hair.

So much trust. Tiris found it hard to understand, like so many things about Elexis. He often wondered what they would have been like if they had lived each otherís life. Would Elexis still be as open, as accepting? Or would he be jaded and wary, like him? And would he himself have accepted the conditions under which Elexis had led his life, or would he have rebelled?

Questions which would never be answered.

Tiris doubted that he really wanted an answer. They both were what life had made them, and that was fine with him.

The End

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