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    Created in late 1998
    Last edited 31.12.04


"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it."
- Twelve Monkeys

A little Armand/Santino snippet.
Spoilers for TVL, QotD, TVA and BaG, 5KB

Fixing the ending of BaG for myself.
Spoilers for all VC, especially BaG, 14KB

co-written with CC
The Talamasca takes the first step in their attempt to fight the vampires.
Merrick happened. We're dealing with it in our way.
Spoilers for MtD onwards, 201KB

Santino, Louis, dusty statues and musings on religion and art.
Spoilers for MtD onwards, 24KB

Armand reflects on the creation of Daniel and the development of their relationship. Both Regret and its companion Dream were written for Cecilia and Vanessa, my two beloved friends who really gave me a headache at the time.
Spoilers for QotD and TVA, 6KB

The counterpart to Regret, told from Daniel's point of view.
Spoilers for QotD and TVA, 6KB

In The Name Of Science
A short scene which was originally supposed to become one of the side stories in Treason, but (luckily) never made it. Not quite my usual style, but it seems to work.
No spoilers, 11KB

Sacco Di Roma
My entry for the History Challenge at the Untold Tales of the Vampires. The Sack of Rome, when thousands were slaughtered within one week. The murdering, raping and pillaging seen through Santino's eyes.
Minor spoilers for TVL and TVA, 11KB

The Story Of A Life
What is a story, and why should somebody tell his personal history to anybody else? This one is a personal darling of mine; I felt that it was time somebody refused this request.
No spoilers, 6KB

Sacrifice Of Pawns
Over a game of chess, Santino and Allesandra discuss what to do with the fledgling of Marius. Coven politics at lenght; I enjoy exploring how the system worked.
Spoilers for TVL and TVA, 30KB

Forum Romanum
Two vampires at the place which has once been the center of the world. And no, this one does not have the slightest trace of Santino.
Spoilers for TotBT, 9KB

On Silent Paws
A little dolce far niente; and a hommage to my cats. Armand, Daniel, and a furrball. I am not exactly proud of this one, but I have been told that it is somewhat cute. Consider it an author's growing pains.
Spoilers for QotD, 13KB

Night Bird Flying
What happened to Daniel after MtD? This one got a little out of control while writing. Originally it was planned to be just Daniel, but who am I to argue with the second character?
Spoilers for QotD, MtD, and TVA, 32KB

A little vignette, set some time after QotD. More or less a tryout of a scene description that was supposed to become a full spec, but never made it.
Spoilers for QotD, 6KB

Morir Per Libertá
The first spec I have written, and surely one of my weakest ones. This is the version posted on Moon Scrolls, the original one was longer, and had a different ending. While posting the story, I read TVA, and found it necessary to rewrite a few parts and add a new ending in order to stay within the few guidelines the novel gives on the life of the vampire whose last mortal days I was trying to tell.
No spoilers, 44KB