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    Created in late 1998
    Last edited 31.12.04


"Treason: the crime of betraying a nation or a sovereign by acts considered dangerous to security." - Encyclopaedia Britannica

Treason is missing in action, and there is little to no chance that I will ever return to writing this story. I finished chapter 14 in April 2000, and the more time passes, the more distant this story becomes. It makes me sad to abandon this tale, but I cannot ignore the recent developments in the Vampire Chronicles, which have taken a turn I do not want to follow anymore.

My most wonderful Mom and dear friend Cecilia was so kind and beta read this. Her suggestions and corrections have proved invaluable, and despite the work this spec created for her, she was always asking for more. Thank you!

This is a piece of fan fiction and not intended to infringe on the copyright of Anne Rice, Randomhouse or whoever else owns the vamps right now. I am not making profit out of this.

Spoilers for all the VC up to and including VTV.

Prologue (3KB)

Chapter 1 - Home Sweet Home (24KB)

Chapter 2 - Metapsychology (27KB)

Chapter 3 - Purgatorio (8KB)

Chapter 4 - Urban Jungle (34KB)

Chapter 5 - Apocalypse Now (35KB)

Chapter 6 - Aftermath (37KB)

Chapter 7 - Sub Terram (5KB)

Chapter 8 - Aurora Borealis (54KB)

Chapter 9 - Coming Together (38KB)

Chapter 10 - Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit (48KB)

Chapter 11 - Council Of War (30KB)

Chapter 12 - Midnight Oil (39KB)

Chapter 13 - Assembling the Pieces (41KB)

Chapter 14 - High Expectations (36KB)