Vienna Late Biedermeier Regulator
ca. 1855

Gorgeous Vienna Late Biedermeier MUSEUMS-Regulator in 100% original condition.

Case: rosewood veneer and nutwood with delicate brass-, pewter- and mother-of-pearl  inlays,
original top!

Length (with top) = ca.59"
Length (without top) = ca.54,7"

Dial: Original one piece pocelain dial,
pie crust bezel.
signed A. LISZT in WIEN.

Hands: highest quality Vienna Biedermeier hands, very very delicate with the letters "A" and "F" .

Movement: original Biedermeier Liszt-movement in highest quality, one weight, maintaining power, duration 3 MONTHS!!!

Very heavy pendulum-bob, both sides brass, filled with lead.

Pendulum rod with ornaments.

I think, this precious untouched clock would be a dream of every friend of antique Vienna clocks.

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Wiener Biedermeier 3-Monatsläufer BM62