ca. 1810/17

Astronomic floorstanding clock from the Austrian clockmaker Joseph Geist in original condition.

Height: ca. 78"

Case: black ebonized wood from a fruit tree, total original untouched condition.

Movement:  yearrunner movement with
Graham deadbeat escapement and Harrison’s maintaining power.
stronomic indications.
Mechanism protected by glass.

Dial: extreme large (ca. 12,6") silvered brass dial, signed "Joseph Geist in Gratz" (= Graz, Austria, Styria).
Brass precision hand for minute, auxiliary dials for seconds, hour, perpetual calendar, zodiac and a blued hand for equation.
Hole for winding up opens once a year in January!
Cardanic knife edge suspension.
Pendulum cradle with Micrometer-adjustment.

Pendulum: ca. 18 kg, weight: ca. 26 kg

This astronomic floorstanding clock with yearrunner movement and equation was missed for more than 100 years! Now this real rare treasure was found again in Graz (Austria, Styria) in original condition!

 The history tells us, that the clock comes from Professor Johann Philipp Neumann from the KK Polytechnischen Institut Vienna - today Technische Universität Vienna.

You may read the whole story of this exceptional astronomic clock in the book of Mr. Jürgen Ermert: Precision Pendulum Clocks in Germany from 1730 to 1950 – Observatories, Astronomers, Standard Time Agencies and their Clocks. - Volume 2/4.

Joseph GEIST (1770 - 1824)

Son of Simon Geist – Groß- und  Hofuhrmacher in Graz.
Born about 1770 in Wien, lived in  Schmiedgasse 325,  Graz. Geist was the founder of the 1st Austrian clock factory. In young years Geist was fascinated by astrophysics and that was why he built precision clocks with some indications like perpetual calendar, equation,...

Some well known clocks from Joseph  Geist:
Movement for  Grazer Schlossberg-tower clock, about 1821.
Floorstanding clock in the Stadtmuseum Graz.
Floorstanding clock with a  ½ year movement in the Sitzungssaal der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung, about  1803.
Floorstanding clock with  1month movement and hexagonal head about 1800, private collection.

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Vienna Biedermeier Regulator: Yearrunner precision clock