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Note: Since a lot of the talking is about well known facts, I don't translate it literally but summarize it instead. This is indicated by square brackets.
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2002 03 13 Romina with her niece Tai Seeff (English translation)
2004 03 02 Romina with daughter Romina jr/ Interview & report (English translation)
Albano on Donde Estás Corazón (English translation)
Interview with Al Bano Carrisi and Cristel (English translation)
Linda Christian on Donde Estás Corazón (English translation)
Romina Power- Interview on La vita in diretta, 10/27/09 (English translation)
Romina Power on Donde Estás Corazón (English translation)
Yari Carrisi on Salsa Rosa (Summary in Italian)

2002 03 13 Romina with her niece Tai Seeff


Note: I've translated Tai's part mostly from the Italian translation. If you can understand the original wording please contact me.

Romina: We have the same taste in many ways. Actually, a very strange thing happened at Christmas. We bought the same bag as a gift for my sister, without knowing it, without consulting, the very same bag. To Taryn.

[Tai Seeff is the daughter of Taryn, Romina's younger sister.]

Question: Are you very different, you and Taryn?
R: Yes, very different.
Q: I don't want to use "bourgeois" in a negative way, but are you the more transgressive one?
R: Bourgeois? I'm different from my sister in many things, I don't know. How am I different from your mother? Help me.
Tai: There are many differences. They are very similar in their being but they have very different life styles. Very different.

[The daughters of Hollywood star Tyrone Power have only had different lives on the surface. They have lived far apart but both had non-conventional marriages. One was married to an Italian singer from a small Southern Italian village, Cellino San Marco, the other to a photographer, a rock musician and now a Winnebago Indian, William, with whom she's living on a ranch.]

T: Well, my mother lives on a farm in the Midwest, there are very few people, only farmers, Native American people.
Q: So you grew up free, in the green?
T: Well, I didn't grow up on my mother's farm. I grew up in a big city, Los Angeles. When I was little my mother lived there, in the city of angels, in a house on the beach.

[The two sisters have four children each and have a big family, including their brother, Tyrone Power jr. And because of that Romina is taking Tai around Italy, to parties and fashion shows.]

R: Tai and I have many things in common. We have found a lot of similar clothes, when we buy a present, also when we see a group of guys we notice the same one.
Q: So young, (___?).
R: You have a young aunt, she says.
T: Ah, very, yes.


2004 03 02 Romina with daughter Romina jr/ Interview & report


Question: What type of mother are you?

Romina: I don't know, a mother that sometimes becomes their age and sometimes... I try to be at their level instead of distancing myself and saying: no, you have to do it like this and that's it because it is so.

Q: A fault of your mother?

Romina jr.: A fault...just that, that she's trying to be like me so that I have to be the mother in a way.

[Romina jr., nicknamed Uga, is Romina's 14-year-old daughter with Al Bano. They're at a fashion show of Laura Biagiotti for the next winter collection.]

R: Fashion is elegance, but also simplicity and the quality of the cloth, my daily clothing is the first thing I find in the closet.

Q: Do you give your mother advice on the look?

Rj: Especially about the colors, some finishing touches.

[Romina, daughter of Tyrone Power, started her movie career at the age of 13.]

R: I think life goes as it should go, there's a destiny, there's a karma, so it means it had to be this way.

[On the set of Nel Sole she first met Albano, they lived together for 30 years, have 4 children, in 1994 their first daughter Ylenia disappeared, now it's over and there are disputes about the other children: Yari, musician, Cristel, who had her debut as model some years ago and Romina jr., who had her first experiences on a movie set.]

Q: What do you want for your children?

R: A shining future, not only for my children but for all.

[Now painting is Romina's great passion, a love that started when she stole canvas and brushes from her mother Linda Christian.]

Q: Where did that passion come from?

R: It started a long time ago, in the last century. When I was about 14 years old I started by chance, I framed a canvas of 1x2 m with the spatula, the first combination of colors, which came instinctively, was chrome yellow, white and cobalt blue, and it's a combination that I love very much.

Q: Do you like your mother's paintings?

Rj: Yes, yes, a lot. I see them around the house, we have them everywhere.

Q: And don't you think about singing anymore?

R: No, I'm thinking about it, how could I not? I'm thinking about it. I'm studying it, I'm thinking about it, it's not that I forgot about it. When you'll least expect it a new album will come out.

Q: Are you in love at the moment?

R: No, unfortunately not.


Albano on Donde Estás Corazón

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4

Clip 1:

Question: Albano, is there any chance, however remote, that this is true, that your daughter is alive? Do you believe it could be?

Answer: It's a pity, but no. I'd like that all these words of hope were true, that they could be true, but considering a lot of things not only I, but also the FBI, the Interpol, and others..., it's a pity, but no.

Q: What makes you so sure, only the proof from the police, from the investigators?

A: A couple of sentences that my daughter said assure me which were very strange. She said: "I belong to the waters". And knowing deeply her language, her way of expressing herself, and staying in Milan when I didn't know anything about this yet, this sentence told me that something serious had happened.

Q: As a father isn't there a little hope left, was there a moment in these 10 years when you thought "it could be"?

A: I did everything a father has to do, I did everything without leaving any place for doubts, I've done everything. And, look, Mr. Brink, who's with the FBI, talked with me in New Orleans and he told me that of all the people that are thrown into the Mississippi only the bodies of 10 percent come up. The others disappear inevitably.


Q: During the last weeks in this country a journalist said that your daughter would be in Santo Domingo.

A: That's the second time that I hear fantasies of this type. The first time was with this Mr. Raniero Rossi, a private investigator from Perugia, whom I saw on Telediario around April, with an exuberance, a mode of expressing himself filled with cynicism, it gave me, you know, an anger inside because I realized that this too was the desire to show himself, because I think that a normal person, knowing the pain of a father, a mother, a family, would first take the phone and call the relatives or at least Interpol or someone and not go to the press or on television and say something that he shouldn't say. And so this mania of absurd protagonism gives me an anger that often I can't hold back, I know that. And so this too isn't true, in Santo Domingo..., practically the same version as that of this noble madam. I ask myself, people like Francisco Umbral, like Don Antonio Llano (?) and many others that have taught what journalism is and a journalist always has the duty to..

Q: Of what you've read in the last hours, what has surprised, bothered you most?

A: In the last hours, sorry?

Q: About what the journalist said?

A: The (___?), the lies, the easiness, the smile that was in her face when she talked about this painful topic which is one you have on March 11 or September 11.

Q: Many fathers can ask themselves "why then, why are you doing this, why are you talking about it?"

A: I ask myself why there's this desire to appear on television, in the press to talk about things that they certainly don't know about and the easiness with which they present themselves with topics that are misfortunes, everyday pains and they come and talk with a smile about things they don't understand, they don't know.

Q: This afternoon she said that there is proof, that there's data.

A: Mrs. Lydia Lozano, if you have proof, call me, or call the police, Interpol and you'll certainly become my best friend, but I'm sure that it's only the desire to do more damage and seek pain once again.

Q: It was said that you don't want to know more details about what happened because you're more afraid that your daughter talks or tells something

A: With what ease people permit themselves to say idiocies like that. I don't understand with what ease, with what spirit someone comes up to talk about these topics. What could I want to hide?

Clip 2:

(First two minutes are covered in clip 1)

Q: Last week we talked about this on this program but Lydia Lozano assured us that she had a source in Alicante who says she's the godmother of your daughter. Is this information true?

A: The godmother of whom?

Q: Of your daughter. Who lives in Alicante and is one of her sources in this case.

A: The godmother of Ylenia is Italian and lives in Rome. I don't know or she didn't tell me if she moved to Alicante, this is another lie, another big lie. It's another big lie.

Q: Have you found anything true in what you've read in the last days?

A: Yes, only the name of my daughter and maybe mine.

Q: Only that?

A: Only the name. The only true thing she has said is my name, the name of my ex-wife and my daughter's.

Q: It was also said that your other daughter Cristel

(A: Yes)

Q: would soon appear on a TV program in this country. Do you know about that? Will you try to talk about this with your daughter?

A: Well, we'll see when she'll come. I don't know yet. She's a major, my daughter Cristel is 20 years old, she's in Brazil now and then I don't know when...

Q: Did you talk with her?

A: With whom?

Q: With your daughter Cristel? Did you recommend her to come, not to come?

A: I know that a man called me and asked if my daughter wanted to come and I respect all the questions that they ask me, from the moment they're of age I tell them that this person has called me and are you interested and they told me that they're not interested.


Q: Albano, you can defend yourself with words, that's what you're doing here, but there's also the law, justice.

A: Yes, yes, certainly yes.

Q: Are you going to sue in this country? Certainly?

A: Certainly, yes. What I read, what I saw ten, twenty minutes ago, is just incredible. I can't accept this.

Q: Certainly because your lawyers are working on it or because you want them to work on it or because you're thinking about it or...?

A: Well, I'm thinking about it now, seeing what is happening, because pen and tongue can hurt much more than a Kalashnikov. And this is an incredible moment for me to bear and so everyone should accept his responsibility.

Q: But with all the experience you have with the media what can be said still hurts you that much?

A: This is a question I didn't expect from you.

Q: It's a question that probably a lot of people could ask. Maybe someone gets harder over time.

A: I'd like to be hard, but I'm not. With my daughter a part of me has died too.

Clip 4:

Q: In these ten long years since your daughter's disappearance, I'd like you to explain when you were really convinced that your daughter was dead, after seeing police reports they showed you when you were in New Orleans or after your own investigations.

A: I think that in the spirituality between fathers and daughters there's a very special language and I said this before: when they talked to me from New Orleans telling me: "Before jumping into the river your daughter said: I go, I belong to the waters", I know this type of language was hers because she always had the desire for poetry and also here it was poetry, and she always wanted to live life in a very, very different way, very, very poetically, in good and in bad, and so for me that meant that something bad had happened. After a month of going around in New Orleans with Romina, night and day, in unbelievable places...


Interview with Al Bano Carrisi and Cristel (English translation)


Note: I've only roughly translated the comments in between the interview (indicated by the brackest) but tried to capture the actual interview as it was spoken. Where I couldn't understand the words I had to translate the German translation, which is why the text seeems so strange.

[Al Bano has been on stage for 45 years, many of which with Romina. He has written most of his hits himself, among which are Felicità, Donna Per Amore and Sempre Sempre, which were sold more than 7 million times in Austria and Germany alone. He has lived in Milan and Rome for a long time but now the 67-year old is living in his native village again, Cellino San Marco in Apulia, where we met him. Besides his singing career Al Bano is also cultivating vine and olives. ]

A: When I was 16 years old I told my father I wanna go away from this land but I come back when I have success and I building for you incredible winery. He looked at me and say: "You are a good boy, a lot to dream but the reality is totally different." And believe it or not I say: "my dream I wanna make reality, I wanna make reality and this is the reality.

A: I produce until now 250.000 bottles of wine but I'll build one more place and I want to arrive, if it is possible, and it will be possible, 1 million each year.

[When he's at home a lot of visitors from all over the world come to him or spend their holidays in the little village he built. Everything you see here was built after Albano's design, also this cellar]

A: I've started my career in the wine with my grandfather. I, well, my mother told me when I was 5 years old, and he make me go to typical wine bar, una osteria, cause it was use then to let the children drink a bit of wine and he give to me the wine, I don't remember anything, but my mother say I came home with grandfather totally drunk, wine after milk, wine is dangerous, but she screamed against my grandfather but this was my first encounter with win, I never forget.

[Albano has recorded his latest work, The Italian Songbook, in his studio.]

A: I chose all the songs where I thought "why didn't I get the songs, why I don't write some song like this and it was nice because I sing with Umberto Tozzi, with my friend Toto Cutugno, L'Italiano, and something very special, Il Volo, with my daughter Cristel, a song from Zucchero Fornaciari. My favorite song is for my mother and I'm convinced that everyone who has a mother just likes the song, the song it's not only a song, it's a hymn, "Mamma, son tanto felice", it's not to sing with voice, with heart and mind, "perché ritorno da te", there's affection, memories, "sento la voce ti manca la ninna nanna d'allor, mamma, la voce tua stanca stringer lo voglio al cuor. Mamma, solo per te la mia canzone vola."

[Sometimes Albano himself is in his own restaurant's kitchen or he cooks in his own kitchen with...]

A: My mother, my children, the other three adults they come some of the time in this place and some friends, the mother also of my children, a vez en cuando, come si dice in spagnolo [sometimes, as you say in Spanish] it's ok for me, two months ago my daughter Cristel say: "Dad, I go with Jasmine and Bido to Disneyland in Paris." I said: "Why not?" And when they came back they were so happy, like brother and sister, even with some age difference, it's a miracle but it's the reality.

[The villa is home for several generations.]

C: Well, I know the feeling since birth. First you don't know who your father is. Later you recognize that your parents don't have a "normal job", in quotation marks. I grew up with everything being about music and that they were away often, but I believe that's normal.

[Al Bano has to depart again after the interview for some concerts in Moscow. he's really a true world star.]

A: In my life I'm doing all the time what I like but in the right way, with a sense of never I make some bad thing to anybody and this is my regola di vita [rule for life].


Linda Christian on Donde Estás Corazón (English translation)

Clip 1
Clip 2

Clip 1:

Question: Your daughter Romina had the same hope as you. A month ago she suddenly said "stop, I don't want anymore". What happened? A call from Albano?

Linda: Must be. Must be.

Q: What's true? Does Romina believe Ylenia is alive?

L: Among us, yes.

Q: Where is Ylenia according to Romina?

L: Lately they've said that she's living in Santo Domingo and that she has two children and aqt best one of these days her memory will return, let's hope.

Q: Have you talked with Romina on the phone in the last days?

L: Today, yesterday, the day before that.

Q: How's your relationship now? What did she tell her? Will she come here?

L: At best next month but now I'll go to Rome for a couple of days and then to the matriculation of my other daughter, Taryn who will be a master in Spanish.

Q: Does Romina want you to be here talking about this?

L: Yes, but the less we talk about Ylenia the better.

Q: Why are you afraid?

L: I'm not afraid of anything but I have to,…

Q: How could Ylenia's life be like now?

L: The last time Ylenia and I were together we were in Milan and she studied, studied, books were everywhere, you saw that she had a thirst for knowledge, she wanted to be more than pretty and young.

Q: When did you learn about the disappearance?

L: On the phone. On the phone, nothing more. Suddenly Yari, her brother, was in New Orleans looking for Ylenia. Where is she? Where is she? Then I was there, searching all the places where she had been seen and talking to people and it seemed that suddenly, mysteriously they had taken her. All happened in the hotel. I don't understand it. It's a mystery. It's still a mystery.

Q: It's still a mystery?

L: Yes.

Q: Do you believe drugs were responsible for it?

L: I believe so. Because I've read various stories afterwards that came up lately in the United States. Because of the infintiy of the country, there's everything.

Q: Some people in Spain have commented that your granddaughter is alive, as you're saying, but that she disappeared because she had problems with Albano.

L: Who doesn't? He's a bit complicated, very difficult. Really

Q: Very difficult why?

L: Albano, Albano. Because he was stubborn, knew everything better, all others were wrong.

Q: Is he a macho?

L: Yes, yes.

Q: But do you think he could have problems with this daughter that are so grave that she wanted to disappear?

L: One night when I stayed in Cellino San Marco there was a party in a small place where they lived, Cellino San Marco, and he didn't allow her to go to this party, in this little village. And so I thought that he was too severe and nasty.

Q: Yes, but you don't disappear all your life because of a party, no?

L: Who knows? It was a small story, who knows what else happened that I didn't see or know about?

Q: Albano does believe that Ylenia killed herself. Why is he, her father, so convinced of that?

L: Lately what?

Q: Al Bano is convinced that Ylenia killed herself. Why do you think he's so convinced?

L: Because of the way he treated her, like a little slave. He wasn't, I saw that he was too…

Clip 2:

Q: Why, if Ylenia is alive, hasn't she contacted her family, her siblings and her mother?

L: Well, I believe that people who take drugs, sometimes the memory or the brain doesn't work that well.

Q: But there is the possibility of suicide which would be more logical.

L: Suicide isn't part of a person who is well balanced, happy, young, thirsty for knowledge, I don't

Q: We think that maybe in the last moments Ylenia wasn't so well balanced as you say.

L: I didn't hear you.

Q: There are doubts if she was well balanced mentally in the last moments.

L: At best she was a little

Q: Lost.

L: Yes. Because she wasn't getting along well with her fiancé, in New York. And who knows if they had an appointment to meet and nobody knew where it was. Everything is possible.

Q: At a certain point you went to New Orleans. Looking for what?

L: All the places, the possibilities of what happened because it was always a mystery.

Q: What locations did you visit? Because there was a lot of talk about that.

L: A little hotel, we took pictures, we went to the river to see. I don't see the possibility…

Q: Albano has imposed the law of silence, in his house, as far as I know, there's not a single photo of Ylenia. As far as I know, he has a certain power of the Italian press. Why doesn't Albano want to talk about Ylenia?

L: It'll be his conscience.

Q: You have said two phrases that are very significant to me: your granddaughter was Albano's slave and conscience. What conscience? Why are you talking about conscience? What could he have done?

L: Because he was too strict with her, imagine that party in that little village and she couldn't, no.

Q: And the other children?

L: They were still young, he couldn't use his

Q: strong hand.

L: No.

Q: Was Albano as strict with your daughter as with his children at times?

L: They got along well for a period of time, then they had two distinct careers, one was singing, the other acting. Well, a very beautiful time and then confusion.

Q: When you were pregnant with Taryn, Tyrone Power wanted to separate from you and you thought about killing yourself, jumping into the sea.

L: Yes. (___?)

Q: Did your granddaughter know about your intention?

L: No.

Q: Albano has critizised your role as a grandmother during all this time and didn't understand this trip to New Orleans.

Albano: Is a grandmother who sees her granddaughter three times in twenty, twenty-two years, a good grandmother? … She realizes that she has lost a granddaughter and she goes around with photographers, some respect was missing here, I don't know.

Q: He says three times in twenty years.

L: I can't count but he's right.

Q: But was it three times in twenty years?

L: No, more. And more time together as well. When they were travelling they had a very nice apartment in Milan and we enjoyed ourselves a lot there, Ylenia and I.

Q: And when he says that you were in the United States with photographers.

L: This was because of the interest, you have to go, you have to help, you have to keep the interest

Q: But Albano called you an opportunist.

L: What?

Q: An opportunistic woman who uses this moment to draw attention thanks to the photos.

L: It depends, if you like, on the people, good or bad. It depends on how you're inside. He was always critizising, he knew better, he knew better.

Q: How was your relationship with your granddaughter? Did you have her confidence, did you talk?

L: Yes, but she was very much under his dominance. He is an aggressive bull.

Q: An aggressive bull?

Q: An aggressive bull also with Yleina?

L: Also, no, very nice, the poor thing was very sad at times.

Q: Was this aggression verbal or also physical?

L: I didn't see him slap her but he was very…


Romina Power- Interview on La vita in diretta, 10/27/09 (English translation)


Question: I'm honored, content to see Romina Power again.

Romina: Honored even? Oh boy, what's the big deal?

There's no man in my life, since you always want to know that, but there's always my dog Floppy.

Q: You disappeared for two years.

R: Yes, maybe a bit longer from television. In any case I'm glad to have this opportunity to greet everyone because it's nice to come back after a long time, everyone likes you because they never see you. They like you more.

The longer I am in America, the more I appreciate Italy and I'm not just saying that because I'm on Italian TV, but it's absolutely true. Because I have to say that the life quality in Italy is truly higher.

Q: What do you miss most about Italy?

R: The life quality, the fact that you can still enjoy a good meal, that the table is nicely set, that there's time to enjoy yourself and the conversations with friends at the table, ... Over there it's always "hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry", sometimes I pick up a quick sandwich and... life goes by fast, you also need to enjoy the little moments.

Q: Happy to be calm and enjoying it. You are enjoying the beautiful moments.

R: Returning to Italy I appreciate it even more, even more, really.

Q: Are you thinking about coming back to Italy for good?

R: I do have such thoughts.

Q: And who knows if you'll come back to us.

R: And who knows...

In America I continue with my movie projects, my film Upaya has just been at the Moondance Film Festival in Colorado, highly appreciated, because I have to send it to festivals where they accept films with spiritual topics, I can't go to all festivals. And I'm preparing new things, of course, that I'm absolutely not going to talk about.

Q: Absolutely. Another time.

R: Out of superstition. Next time maybe.

Q: How has Romina Power changed today inside, it's said that when one goes forward he finds ease in life.

R: Yes, I've developed a lot when I entered a Zen monastery this summer, I spent my holidays there this year. And it was a very nice and regenerating discovery.

It's beautiful to see the abbot washing the dishes like a student, it's beautiful to see everyone working in the garden, you feel really good, in peace with yourself and with nature and all others.

Q: Have you ever thought about singing again, you are also a great writer?

R: I always sing under the shower. And I always have to have a piano, wherever I am, I always play and compose, even if I don't do it in public.

Q: Do you want to greet all your fans or the viewers of "La vita in diretta" who follow you step by step?

R: I greet everyone who is watching now, no one excluded.


Romina Power on Donde Estás Corazón

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

Clip 1:
Question: You are on a TV program and a journalist tells you looking into your face: "I know your daughter is alive", how would you react?
Answer: I'd react saying "how come I as her mother don't know about it"?
Q: Now I tell you that she is in Santo Domingo, she's married, she lives with a mafia-like figure, has children...
A: Yes, I have seen a pink horse that rode in the sky with wings. I don't have a picture but I've seen it.
Q: You would demand a proof from the journalist?
A: It seems very strange to me that someone sees a person and doesn't have a photo. The paparazzi have pictures of people in the most hidden places in the world and they don't have a picture of her. It can't be. I say that there has been too much speculation about my daughter, about my family, about this whole story. I think people must really be cold-hearted to make speculations like that where there are the feelings of a family, this is our history, it's our reality, it's not a film.
Q: Are you aware of what is said in Spain now?
A: I haven't seen the footage but friends from Spain call me and tell me they're saying this and that. How can that be?
Q: This journalist says you're very interested in what she's saying and that you ask your friends to tell you about it.
A: No, I contacted a lawyer in Spain and asked him to watch all the footage if there was ground for a lawsuit
because I think all this is exaggerated. Because really, why don't they find her if there's so much interest in Ylenia. Instead of just talking about her and collect money from the sponsors of these programs, why don't they go and find her?
Q: Did you talk with Albano about it?
A: No, no.
Q: They've also said that you will travel and that you're certain about what this journalist has said and even that you'll go to Santo Domingo to search for your daughter, and that you'll go to Germany...
A: I could spend my whole life going from place to place because this one has seen this, that one thinks that, but it isn't so.
Q: So you won't go to Germany...
A: There's nothing, how do you say it, I don't have a concrete proof but something in my heart tells me that she's still alive.
Q: So it's more a mother's feeling than a certainty.
A: No, it's more than the hope of a mother. Logically, a mother will never give up hope to see her daughter, I believe. But it's something stronger than just hope, almost like a certainty. It was confirmed to me in dreams I had about Ylenia.
Q: You dream about her often, I imagine. How do you see her?
A: No, not often, few times. But I saw her come back, smiling. The first time she was dressed in pink and she was happy, surrounded by a huge crowd but the crowd parted and she came back through the opening door. And the second time it was the same, almost the identical dream, only dressed in red.
Q: When you have such dreams, how do you wake up?
A: I feel better. Because hope is not just a dream about a person that isn't there or that wants to contact you, tell you something. No, it's not like dreaming about my father, for example. It's different.
A: It's real.
Q: (she) said that she was certain that...
A: Do you know how many families go to New Orleans every year looking for their children? Every year 100, 150 young people, minimum, disappear in this city. Every year. And they don't do anything about it. I also talked to other families, to other mothers that searched for the children because I was going through the streets a lot, talking to the people. I was there for over a month trying to understand it. I talked to other people, I even have their phone numbers, but the police tells the same story to everyone, that they jumped into the river.
Q: The phrase "I belong to the waters" is a very spiritual one, it's not typical for the police to invent it.
A: Why not, why not?
Q: "I belong to the waters" is a phrase in which Albano recognizes Ylenia.
A: Every father or mother could recognize this phrase, they're very free, they gather beautiful phrases, who knows. And more, before departing from New Orleans I wanted to talk to the guard on the phone, without the police, without anyone, and I "investigated" about the description of that girl and it wasn't 100 % Ylenia.
A: ...and nobody could tell me anything and the police told us nothing but jokes and I said I have to look for something. And the people, many psychics sent me cards, faxes, saying things, everyone had his ideas and interpretations and among those was a psychic who had found people that were lost in the mountains and so I tried to meet this psychic. I didn't meet her but my Spanish friends found another. And that girl helped me from the first time we met.
Q: How did she help you?
A: She helped me because she had known I'd call her and had told her mother. She had read the story in the papers and had said that that girl isn't dead, that she's alive. And she managed to see through the eyes of my daughter. So she called me every day and told me what Ylenia saw.
Q: Did she charge you for that?
A: No, she never charged me for that, she never watned to be mentioned in the papers, she didn't want anything, only my friendship, which she has.
Q: Did she tell you anything that could help you in your search, some name of a country?
A: That not.
Q: And what did she say? Can you remember anything concrete?
A: She came out of the hotel in which she stayed and got into a car and she was taken to a place from which she couldn't leave for a long time.
Q: And could it be that she's still in that place?
A: No, then she escaped. She escaped from that place but from then her traces are lost. I think there's an organization that kidnaps...

Clip 2:
Q: ...important in the relationship with her father?
A: She never got along well with her father, since she was very young, but this is normal, I think. Some girls don't get along well with one of their parents, better with one, worse with the other.
Q: What was her relationship with you?
A: With me she was like that, very close.
Q: Did you know everything about her?
A: Yes, but I had her when I was very young and I wasn't one of these mothers like, like I am with my younger daughters. I was more like a sister maybe, I don't know how to say it, yes, I was her mother, but I wasn't worried about things. I always had the feeling that everything was going to go well, that she was strong, that everything would resolve.
Q: What where the problems with her father didn't he let her go out?
A: Why? They were very different in character, both were very strong, but, I don't know how to say it, their characters collided.
Q: Your role as a friend, a bigger sister of Ylenia translated into a permissiveness that Albano didn't share? Was that the cause of the friction?
A: No, you mustn't confuse friendship with permissiveness, they're different things.
Q: an interview this week in the magazine Hola he says that when he opposed that Ylenia should go on that trip and not complete her courses that the answer always was: "let her go, let her go" and he was in the minority because her siblings said that too.
A: No, it wasn't like that. I was on the phone with Ylenia for hours to convince her to do her two exams before going on the trip.
Q: So you didn't think it was a good idea either?
A: No, it wasn't that I thought it wasn't a good idea, but there were only two exams left to do. But a girl of 23 with a broken heart doesn't listen to her parents.
Q: Could there have been a reason for your daughter to disappear consciously?
A: No, not in that form, not for so long, no.
Q: Could family life have been so bad to say I leave my family and make the people that love me suffer?
A: No, impossible, Ylenia wasn't like that. She was very disappointed because of a boy whom she wanted to marry and then it didn't happen as she thought and she discovered some things that hurt her a lot. She was very, very disappointed and because of that she went to live in Belize. She had two more exams.
Q: Did you have any advice for your daughter?
A: She wasn't a person to whom you gave a lot of advice because she knew it all. She was, is very, very intelligent and sensitive.
Q: Rebellious?
A: Rebellious, idealistic and an incredible writer. Her diaries... better than anything I write.
Q: Before you said "she was, is", does it bother you to talk about your daughter in the past?
A: Sometimes I too talk about her in the past...
Q: ...where were you when she disappeared, what were you doing?
A: I was in Milan and the phone rang in the middle of the night. I answered the phone and it was the Italian consul in New Orleans who said: "your daughter isn't heard of" (?) and I thought what that was all about and then it started and that ring of the telephone divided my life into two parts, before and after.
Q: So you knew that something terrible had happened, you had a feeling?
A: No, we didn't understand because we asked if they had found her and "no". And the nobody knew anything. All her things were found in the hotel but she wasn't.
Q: And how was that flight to New Orleans?
A: What do you think? It's like the worst nightmare that can happen in life.
Q: When you arrived I imagine you first talked with the police?
A: The police was at the airport.
Q: Waiting?
A: Waiting. They came to the hotel with us and they started to tell the whole story. The police has never convinced me, but they played their role well.
Q: You have said before that they tell the same thing to everyone?
A: To everyone. The same story.
Q: ?
A: No, I didn't tell them but I thought so, because of that I wanted to talk with the guard alone and walk the streets without the police.
Q: Albano did that too?
A: No, he went with the police.
Q: He collaborated and you did it alone? Did you see the result of the investigation, did they inform you about a theory?
A: They try to get rid of the people as fast as possible because they don't want to have more problems than they already have. That's what I don't like about the United States, they can't regulate a situation like that, that all these girls disappear every year.

Clip 3:
A: ...30 years I'd say it's a successful marriage. When we married, journalists were standing in the door of the church making bets. One said a week, another a month, at the most a year. I think we have won with 30 years, no?
Q: ?
A: I don't know.
Q: No big fight?
A: No.
Q: Weariness?
A: Neither.
Q: Run out of patience?
A: You don't know why things slowly end. Love has a path, it's born, lives and dies. All loves die in one form or another, one year or another. Ours lasted for 30 years.
Q: Who decided, you or Albano?
A: It was a thing we both decided, but solicited by me.
Q: And then the love ended, after a relationship...
A: But look, love never really ends because something of the love for a person always stays. I think love always exists, the people change.
Q: There was a moment when this separation became a tension in which Albano solicited toxicological reports...
A: Lawyers think about all kinds of things to get want they want.
Q: Did you expect that from Albano?
A: No, I think it was his lawyers, I don't think it was Albano.
Q: What did he want with that?
A: With what?
Q: What did he want to show?
A: Who knows?
Q: To have proof that the woman he had loved for 30 years was smoking joints?
A: Yes, because all these years I was, that I didn't know what I was doing, that's why I was married to him. No.
Q: Did you smoke many joints?
A: A normal amount, as you do at a party.
Q: Were you very close to drugs?
A: Yes, I'm a big addict. I have torn arms.
Q: You admitted you were unfaithful to Albano. Do you regret this step?
A: No, I don't regret it...
Q: ...when you see him in a magazine or on TV?
A: I want him to be happy. I don't think he is and I'd want him to be. I have the feeling that he wasn't lucky with his companion, because I thought that they were both Italians, from the same land, that it could be a thing, that they could understand each other.
Q: Why do you think he isn't happy?
A: He doesn't seem to be, I don't know.
Q: At his father's funeral everyone was surprised because you were there together, and, well, the people of the village (___?) Loredana, his current companion. How do you see that moment?
A: I like the love of the people towards me a lot, they never forgot about me and they like me a lot and they always ask me: "when do you come back, when do you come back?". Because I was thinking, when I married Albano it was a bit like marrying all the people of the village because they were all there and when they asked us "do you take..." everybody answered "yes", shouting. So I have the feeling that I married all of them. They're lovely and this love never ends.
Q: And on that day when you came back (___?) meet with him there or...
A: I don't know. I went out of an impulse because his father was like a father for me, I lived with this man for 30 years, almost always in the same house and I felt a lot of tenderness, I loved him very much. So I went because of that, without thinking about the rest, the circus around it, the press and Albano and Loredana, I went for him.
Q: Did you call Albano to say you were coming?
A: No, I did.
Q: And what did he say when he saw you?
A: Nothing, he didn't talk to me.
Q: All this time he didn't talk?
A: No, I didn't talk with him.
Q: And after that did you talk about it?
A: No.
Q: You didn't talk with him?
A: No.
Q: Don't you talk about anything with Albano?
A: I'd like to.
Q: What would you tell him?
A: I don't know. I'll know when I'll talk to him.
Q: (___?)
A: No.
Q: Do you think it's possible that suddenly, one day because of karma...
A: No, I already say no. I can imagine what you want to ask, no.
Q: What would you say if Albano wants to come back to you?
A: First I'd have to strangle Loredana. As a first thing. (___?)


Yari Carrisi on Salsa Rosa

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4

Alla domanda se Albano aveva tanto potere e aveva minacciato la stampa in Italia ha risposto che "sì, è più poderoso che Berlusconi", quindi che non lo crede e che era infatti impossibile.
Alla domanda chi è più colpito da queste informazioni, Romina o Albano dice che colpe a tutti.
Ha anche detto che se qualcuno ha informazioni su Ylenia può contattarlo perché gli può trovare sul internet, ma che la maggiorità delle persone vanno alla stampa prima di contattare la famiglia e che spesso non contattano la famiglia affatto e che ricevono le notizie dalla stampa.
Poi racconta che Ylenia era alla università King's college, che andava a Belize per scrivere, che stava in una casetta umile e che dipingeva. Nella ultima conversazione con Ylenia parlava di Natale e altre cose normale. Era calma e non c'erano preoccupazioni nella sua voce o in quello che ha detto. Yari continua che non poteva mai credere nella storia del suicidio e che Ylenia se aveva buttato nel Mississippi perché lo stesso giorno è scomparsa una ragazza Americana che somigliava a Ylenia. Ylenia sarebbe una ragazza intelligente e potrebbe stare ovunque.
Dice anche che sua nonna Linda Christian non ha mai detto niente di positivo su Albano e che sono di due mondi diversi. Linda Christian non era una nonna molto presente perché vivendo a Los Angeles c'era una distanza fisica tra loro.


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