The skilled and experienced Polar Balloon Pioneer Ivan Andre´ Trifonov


       NORTH POLE      

     EXPEDITION - 2002

Ivan Trifonov
Ivan Trifonov - leader of the expedition

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Complete silence, white clean and pure nature, thousand-year old ice, a 24 hour daylight with a beautiful crystal sun, an absolutely great feeling, alone - on the real top of the world, similar as a fantastic dream- seems you are on a white moon, representing your country and your sponsor - like an astronaut!

This is the still unknown and untouched Arctic, this is the magnificent and greatest North Pole balloon adventure. To reach this region- at the last end of the world - is more difficult as to climb on Mt. Everest. But it´s possible - with the outstanding help of the experienced Russian Polar Airforces. Until now, only few people have had the opportunity to witness the „Real Top of the World“. Also till now, only 9 balloons from all over the world ( no more than the fingers of our hands !) have had the pleasure and chance to fly successfully over the North Pole and receive the title Polar Balloon Explorer“!
Riding high above...
Riding high above...
The logistics for such a balloon expedition to the North Pole are enormous and the really low price for this difficult expedition (even the much higher fuel costs we succeeded to arrange the same price like 1997) is only possible with the friendly goodwill from a multitude of sporting assistants, volunteers and from the spirited support of the polar airforce (a Himalaya expedition is much more expensive).

For this reason: TAKE THIS CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS UNIQUE EXPEDITION (it will be the last one with this cheap price ) ! This expedition is possible for everybody. The use of planes, helicopters and the skilled care of experienced polar guides has reduced the physically exhausting methods formerly used.

This is your big chance to reach the World Axis with the greatest feeling you ever had and to distinguish you with the desirable honour title "Polar adventurer"!

I have the pleasure to announce the  NORTH POLE  EXPEDITION 2002 :
The Polar Airforce Head Quoter Chatanga (Siberia) organize together with the experienced Polar Balloon Pilot Ivan Trifonov as well as with the Russian adventure company "ARCTICA" the North Pole  Expedition from 10 till 24 April 2002 under the following conditions:
MAX Ballon

  • All teams will meet in Moscow with valid Russian Visa latest on 10. April-2002
  • Expedition route: Moscow-Chatanga-North Pole basis camp "Borneo" - North Pole-Chatanga-Moscow
  • Expenses for each participant person, including Visa, custom formalities,  transport from Moscow to the North Pole,helicopter retrieval at the Pole and transport back to Moscow, full board during the trip, farewell dinner at which the "North Pole"  certificate will be awarded.
  • The trip and the  equipment transport from your country to Moscow
    and back will be at your own expenses , so please look on time for sponsors
  • Additional optional offer: Sightseeing in Moscow and Chatanga, visit of an Eskimo village, Helicopter training flight, tandem parachute jumping with skilled masters, co-pilot training flight with a military jet, Cosmonaut Training in the "Star City"-Center near Moscow - and more ( all this after the North Pole expedition)

The polar buggies  overcome  every polar  barrier
The polar buggies overcome every polar barrier

Your North Pole Balloon Flight
will be the greatest adventure you will ever experience in your lifetime!

For further information and registration contact Polar Balloon Pilot :

Ivan Andre´ TRIFONOV,
Felix Grafe Gasse 4/147/7
A- 1100 Wien, VIENNA, AUSTRIA,
Tel./Fax ++43-1-6881387,
e-mail: North Pole Expedition 2002


The Video "Through Fire and Ice" (PAL-VHS or Digital system ) is for your sponsor for US $ 40.- avalaible. Send us your Email Address, Tel. Nr. and Name. Thanks

Polar Balloon Explorer Ivan Andre´ Trifonov, leader of the expedition

Capt. Ivan Andre´Trifonov after a scubadiving under the North Pole -April 1999
Ice Scuba-Diving under the North Pole can also be a part of our expedition - just for hard volunteers!