NBM Modules

All nbm modules are now downloadable from Netbeans Plugin Portal, you can find the modules there.

The sources of the modules are hosted on java.net. You can find the sources on the nb-utils project site.

You can use the nb-utils project site to:

See you there on nb-utils project site.

Name Nb Module Zipped Sources Short Description
keytool Nb Module - View the content of java's keystore files.
cryptoservice - - View the security algorithms of the java platform.
timezone - - View the date and time in various timezones.
jdepend Nb Module - View the package dependencies of your project. This module uses JDepend project for calculating the dependencies.
policy support Nb Module - Support in editing Java policy files. Currently syntax hightlightning, and a simple indent engine are supported.
gzip - - Compress, and uncompress files.
javadoc templates Nb Module - Javadoc template files.
jaranalyzer Nb Module - View jar dependencies. This modules uses the JarAnalyzer project for calculating the dependencies.
WordCount Nb Module - Count words, lines, and statements of java source files.
CPD (PMD's Copy/Paste Detector) Nb Module - Integration of PMD's Copy/Paste Detector.