Quintet for Neonlight
a Triparshva renku

Angelika Wienert - Germany
Gerd Börner - Germany
Moira Richards - South Africa
Sprite - France/Great Britain
Norman Darlington (sabaki) - Ireland

Side 1:

which path...
the air full of birdcalls
at the crack of dawn /aw

through the greening birch
a silken wind /gb

later I notice
a piece of patchwork
gone in the wash /s

your poker face conceals
a royal flush /nd

chin deep
the icy moon sinks
into a scarf of cloud /gb

the smell of baking biscuits
from the oven /nd

Side 2:

outside parliament
demonstrators form
a peace sign /aw

the lion-hearted live
by the five Ks /s

quintet for neonlight
and cicada choir
unfinished /gb

who'll watch me dance a hornpipe
at the crossroads? /nd

he'll wear her tartan
and she his kente cloth
for their betrothal /s

feeling the baby bump
little ups and downs /gb

Tereus dear
have one more bowl
of my tender stew /moi

a wild vine straggles through
the Thracian window /gb

the man in the moon
slides down a stray beam
on a lustred lake /s

reflections of a liquid
ball of starlings /nd

Side 3:

in the art gallery
wondering what I can't see /moi

the black tip of the tail
of a white ermine /s

in the pageant's wake
a pile of paper cups
in the gutter /gb

a fortune-teller folding
origami toads /moi

grasses tangle...
blossom blows beyond
the crofter's rake /nd

handsful of mulberries
some sweet, some tart /moi

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