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On this page you can see most of the bands that I had woven in the past.  I used designs created by myself and partially some from other weavers. For every fabric you will find the information about the designer, the used material, the number of tablets and the final length of every band.




                      Design:      Flinkhand            Design:      Brettchenweber       Design:      Brettchenweber       Design:      Brettchenweber
                      Material:  cotton                 Material:  cotton                        Material:   cotton                  Material:  cotton
                      Length:      app. 100 cm         Length:      app. 135 cm                Length:       app. 100 cm             Length:     app. 115 cm
                           4-hole/24 tablets                  4-hole/26 tablets                         4-hole/30 tablets                       4-hole/30 tablets
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                        Design:      Brettchenweber        Design:     traditional               Design:      Brettchenweber           Design:      Eckhard Gartz
Material:  cotton                      Material:  cotton                     Material:  cotton                          Material:  cotton
Length:      app. 150 cm               Length:     app. 150 cm             Length:     app. 150 cm                   Length:      app. 150 cm
                              4-hole/30 tablets                        4-hole/24 tablets                       4-hole/28 tablets                            4-hole/28 tablets
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                      Design:      Brettchenweber        Design:      Brettchenweber        Design:     Eckhard Gartz        Design:    Brettchenweber
Material:   cotton                      Material:  cotton                       Material: cotton                    Material: cord 2 mm
Length:       app. 150 cm              Length:      app. 150 cm               Length:     app. 140 cm            Length:     app. 100 cm
                           4-hole/26 tablets                         4-hole/ 34 tablets                        4-hole/28 tablets                     4-hole/16 tablets
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                        Design:     Eckhard Gartz            Design:     Flinkhand                 Design:     Brettchenweber        Design:     Brettchenweber
Material: cotton                        Material: cotton                       Material: cotton                      Material: cotton
Length:     app. 100 cm                Length:     app. 150 cm               Length:     app. 105 cm              Length:     app. 150 cm
                              4-hole/32 tablets                         4-hole/36 tablets                        4-hole/16 tablets                        4-hole/44 tablets
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                        Design:      traditional                         Design:      celtic thomb Hallstatt band III                    Design:      Brettchenweber
Material:  cotton                    Material:  linen                           Material:  wool                  Material:  wool
Length:      app. 150 cm            Length:      app. 90 cm                  Length:      app. 90 cm         Length:      app. 50 cm
                              4-hole/24 tablets                      4-hole/12 tablets                           4-hole/12 tablets                   4-hole/23 tablets
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                              Design:      traditional                Design:     Eckhard Gartz        Design:      Brettchenweber                Design:      traditional
Material:  cotton                       Material: viscose                   Material:  polyacrylic wool               Material:  cotton
Length:      app. 150 cm               Length:     app. 105 cm            Length:      app. 150 cm/7 cm wide     Length:      app. 220 cm
                              4-hole/24 tablets                         4-hole/20 tablets                     4-hole/20 tablets                                 4-hole/24 tablets
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                            Design:      Brettchenweber    Design:     Eckhard Gartz          Design:      Brettchenweber            Design:      Brettchenweber
Material:  "fancy"cotton      Material:  cotton                      Material:  cotton                           Material:  cotton
Length:      app. 145 cm          Length:      app. 105 cm              Length:      app. 105 cm                  Length:      app. 130 cm 
                                4-hole/30 tablets                    4-hole/22 tablets                        4-hole/22 tablets                            4-hole/20 tablets
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                        Design:      Flinkhand                   Design:  Brettchenweber         Design:  Band from Syria
                              Material:  cotton                    Material:  cotton                    Material:  cotton
                              Length:      app. 120 cm                Length:  app. 150 cm                Length:  app. 150 cm
                              4-hole/36 tablets                           6-hole/44 tablets                      4-hole/46 tablets
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                        Design:     Eckhard Gartz           Design:      unknown               Design:      Eckhard Gartz          Design:      Eckhard Gartz
Material: viscose                      Material:  cotton                   Material:  cotton                      Material:  cotton
Length:     app. 35 cm                 Length:      app. 35 cm            Length:      app. 30 cm                Length:      app. 120 cm
                              4-hole/28 tablets                         4-hole/18 tablets                     4-hole/38 tablets                        4-hole/28 tablets
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                                           Design:      Eckhard Gartz                                     Design:     Eckhard Gartz                    Design:      Eckhard Gartz
Material:  linen/viscose                                        Material:  cotton                                Material:  linen/viscose
Length:      app. 40 cm                                            Length:      unfinished/warp 120 cm    Length:      app. 150 cm
                                                     4-hole/24 tablets                                                    4-hole/18 tablets                                   4-hole/48 tablets
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a lettered band with a triskel made out of a thick yarn:

   Design:  Brettchenweber
Material:  cotton/polyacrylic
            Length:  app. 130 cm/9 cm wide
4-hole/38 tablets

The holy syllable "OM"

                 Design: Brettchenweber
Material: linen
Length: app. 30 cm
                 4-hole/38 tablets

Latin quotes woven in silk

Double faced bands with patterns from Tibet






                          Design:      Brettchenweber                 Design:      Brettchenweber                    Design:      celtic thomb Hochdorf    Design:      Brettchenweber
Material:  linen/cotton                      Material:  cotton                                    Material:  cotton                            Material:  cotton
Length:      unfinished/warp 120 cm    Length:      unfinished/warp 120 cm        Length:      app. 60 cm                       Length:      app. 60 cm
                                 4 hole/18 tablets                                  4-hole/40 tablets                                     4-hole/40 tablets                                4-hole/42 tablets
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                                                    Design:     Brettchenweber
                                                    Material:  silk
                      Length:      app. 24 cm
                                                                4 hole/56 tablets



      Design:     Eckhard Gartz                    Design:      celtic Hallstatt band II       Design:      celtic Hallstatt band I     Design:      celtic Hallstatt band I      
Material: viscose                               Material:  wool                                    Material:  wool                                Material:  viscose
      Length:     unfinished/warp 120 cm     Length:      app. 90 cm                          Length:      app. 90 cm                       Length:      app. 180 cm
       4-hole/31 tablets                                  4-hole/13 tablets                                    4-hole/19 tablets                                 4-hole/19 tablets
        Full size picture                        Full size picture                          Full size picture                      Full size picture



        Design:     tent band Lori/Bachtiyari Iran
Material: cotton
Length:     app. 130 cm
4-hole/44 tablets
Full size picture



                                                                                                      Design:      Brettchenweber
Material:  cotton
Length:      unfinished/warp 80 cm
Full size picture




                                                                                Design:      ancient thomb Snartemo/Norway
Material:  cotton
Length:      app. 65 cm
                                                                                                    4-hole/24 tablets
                                                                                Full size picture



For the exhibition at Niedersulz and for the weaver market at Haslach Fiona sewed  bags made out of linen, of course we decorated them with tablet woven bands:

Click for fullsize pictures !

bag ca. 30x20 cm   bag ca. 30x40 cm  bag ca. 30x40 cm

different silk necklaces "round" woven with tablets:


In the last years I wove a few belts to sell at our weaving market at Haslach:




At least some more pictures from bands in different techniques, my brand new table tablet loom (built 2006) and my warp weighted loom for tablet weavers.
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...and maybe the smallest "Ram`s horn" of Austria only 8 mm wide, made out of sewing silk (polyester):


A experimental band, woven in 2006, made out of 0,35 mm silver and copperwire, 20 cm long and app. 1 cm wide:

Silver jewellery (0,35 mm silver wire) woven with tablets:

The widest band I ever wove before, using 132 tablets and a thick cotton yarn. The result a table carpet, 85 cm long (without the fringes) and 26 cm wide.
The main problem was to hold a constant width !


A scarf using different materials for the weft.

A so called "velvet" band, the original bands were found in Usbekistan.

Some woven bands using multicoloured wool, without a pattern (3/1 double twill and double face)




                                                                                      table tablet loom                                        warp weighted loom



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