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My name is Fiona and one of my favourite hobbies is handspinning. On this page you can see the results of what I learned so far using a spinning wheel or handspindels. My first spinning wheel was a ASHFORD Kiwi then I bought in January 2006 a HENKY'S "Das Besondere". Since summer 2007 I have an ASHFORD Joy too. At least I bought a brand new SCHACHT Sidekick from the United States.

My spinning wheels:

             "DAS BESONDERE"                   "ASHFORD KIWI"                         "ASHFORD JOY"             "SCHACHT SIDEKICK"


my (selfmade) handspindels:


The first results of handspinning, partially single twisted and some of it dyed with Ashford or egg colours...

     the first scarf made out of untwisted wool...    


a pullunder, made out of untwisted wool...  a pair of socks...  


Leaving the beginners problem, practice makes perfect, spinning gives then better results... and so I could knit my first big projekt a jacket made out of hand spun wool...

  simple twisted and coloured with Ashford...

and a bag felted in the washing machine.      

At least I tried to dye wool using the "COOL AID" nutrition colours from America giving nice results...


At the time I am busy with my Henky's (a cool spinning wheel), reducing my stock of raw wool ...

the first 150 g spun with the Henky's, simple twisted....

June 2007:
In the meanwhile I was hard working on my Henky's...

one kilo wool spun and twisted...
                                     and the next already at work

September 2007:
Now I finished spinning my mixture from wool and silk fibres (totally 500g), naturally dyed with beetroot:

In between I started spinning my stock on black alpaca fibres, they are not so easy to spin as sheep wool and the result is a "heavy" yarn. Here you can see the first 200 g of totally 800 g fibres I bought.

November 2007:
Using the wool dyed with the COOL AID colours, I wove on a ASHFORD rigid heddle loom a nice scarf.
pure wool, app. 1 m long

December 2007:
Using the rest of the wool I knitted a pair of socks and gauntlet gloves:

January 2008:
A new pullover was knit with the red wool/silk yarn that I had spun in September...


March 2008:
The latest results of dying wool of a "Coburger Fuchsschaf" with "Lanasette" colours. The yarn is used by Kirnan for his tablet(card) weaving:

May 2008:
I used all the rests of self dyed wool that I had to knit this colourful "Hippie" vest:


June 2008:
With a good friend of mine we tried the next experiments of dying wool with natural colours using onion skin, common sorrel and lichens:
Everything in preperation, some examples of already dyed wool...

The results were satisfying !!

December 2008
My first work in Nalbinding, a pair of mitten:

January 2009
In the meantime I was busy at spinning; dyed Merinowool and silk, handspun and twisted:

and 500 g naturally brown "Milchschaf", handspun and twisted:

May 2009
The spinning woman at work , 1 kg "Coburger Fuchs" want's to get spun by me, the first result and dyed with green nutshell:

October 2009
The raw wool (from WOLLPOLDI) for this pullover for Kiernan was handspun and knitted by me :

January 2010
It's done! During the christmas holidays the last rest of 1 kg raw wool from the "Coburger Fuchsschaf"was handspun by me:

May 2010
In the meantime I sewed some new handbags:

August 2010
After our summer holidays my first dying with natural colours (onionskin and stinging nettle):
....and another one with reed

April 2011
Dying with vegetable colours again:
from left to right:
onion (orange) , then the same dye bath again adding copper sulfate (olive coloured)
heather (yellow) and again the same dye bath adding copper sulfate (olive colured)

August 2011
Dyeing with vegetable colours again:
On the left side wool  from the Coburger Fuchs dyed with Alkanna, Red Wood and Golden Rod. The two strands on the right side are
originally the two right sided strands on the above picture. Dyed again with Alkanna and Red Wood.

September 2011
New dyings left mushroom (velvet roll-rim) and on the right side wild carrot:

January 2012
My vest made out of handspun and self dyed (Ashford colours) wool is finished,
at least it was felted at 30 C in the washing machine :

March 2012
New dyeing; wool/egg colours, carded with silk fibres:

October 2012
Finished !!!! After a few weeks of work, "Granny squares" (180 x 110 cm) made from some leftovers:

November 2012
Sewing against the throwaway society !! Recycling of a sweater and a vest from a flew market:
Recycling  Recycling
make one new out of two !                                                               Sweater reprinted with textile colour and new zip

December 2012
Santas Stockings for our first grandchild Elias:


June 2015
After a long pause we deyed wool again, using birchbark and adding Ironsulfate:

and another one with "Hopi" Amaranth:

November 2015
At this time we did everything correct, cold Amaranth dye (acidified) on wool:

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