Our real name is Friedrich and Sonja Hochegger and we live near the city of Linz/Upper Austria. We both like history, espacially the age of the celts. Maybe that depends on the fact, that Austria was one of the centers of the celts in middle europe ("Hallstattkultur") and  only 35 km from our hometown away, there was found a celtic thomb in the early eighties at Mitterkirchen. We are generally interested in all medieval techniques, espacially in tablet weaving and handspinning.

Since 2004 we take part at textile markets like the "Webermarkt" in the little town of Haslach, were we demonstrate handspinning and tablet weaving.

Textile markets were we took part:

Webermarkt at Haslach 2004 / 2006 / 2007 /2008/2010/2013

Museumsdorf Niedersulz 2005

Pictures from the "Webermarkt" 2013 (click for full size)

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