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Tuesday 28/12/04

Woke 6:10 local. Took a cold shower (no choíce) and went for breakfast. Service was slow but we got there in the end. Scrambled egg - very nice. A serious discussion was taking place between a german woman and her obnoxious Kenyan boyfriend. A most unpleasant character who treated the hotel personnel disgracefully.

Left approx. 8:00 stopping at various hotels and the airport picking up people on the way until there were about 20 of us in total. We drove out of Nairobi , through industrial areas before the landscape turned to flat scrub with small trees. A few miles before the Tanzanian border we stopped for a break where it was possible to get food and drinks as well as purchase various souvenirs. Didn't buy anything but wandered around photographing the various plants and trees.

Stopped at the Tanzanian border (Namanga) at 11:40, received an exit visa in our passports and for 50 USD a Tanzanian entry visa.
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We drove on towards Arusha but about 20 minutes from Arusha the engine of the bus just died and we rolled to a halt. Frank the driver managed to get the engine running but whenever we tried to move off there was no power and managed to only travel a few metres. Before a slight up hill section we all got out (except Frank of course) and walked a few hundred metres. The bus passed us but stopped soon after. So we waited for a replacement bus that was on the way, wandered over to a wooden hut and took shelter from the sun which was quite strong by now. A short while later we were on the way again. Frank had revved the engine and been able to clear out most of what was causing the loss of power - maybe dirt in the fuel (diesel).

The power dropped off a number of times but we reached Arusha and changed to another bus for the final leg of our journey to Moshi. Arrived at the hotel at 16:30. Weather was hot.

We got out first views of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro with clouds on the summits. Had an early supper and our first taste if Sigi's whiskey. First taste of sun burn as well - we would have to be careful. Drank our first Kilimanjaro beer and in the evening the clouds lifted and we got our first view of the snows on the summit. Discussed a few details of the days ahead with Silvano (who was organizing the climb for us) and were introduced to Gideon who was to be our guide for the climb. When he heard of our plans to maybe climb via the Western Breach route he did not seem too keen. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the youngest member of the team was 45 (me!) and 3 were over 65. Had apple crumble for dessert and off to bed with a swig of whiskey at 22:00. Realized I'd left my sleeping mat in the bus.
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