Meweke 1
Meweke 2
Above, above right, terrain between Barafu Camp and Millennium Camp.

After lunch at Millennium camp we rested in the hot sun. After the relative coolness higher up the mountain this felt more like a hot summers day. Dieter, Sigi and Joe fell asleep. Left at 13:00 to descent the 700 metres to Mweka camp. This was a pleasant route through forest, mainly small trees and bushes. Quite heavy going on the knees. I had by this time decided that my plastic boots, while great in the cold and snow, were not really meant for trudging along earth/sand/gravel tracks on warm days. On arrival at Mweka we register at the camp hut and purchase Kilimanjaro beer at an extortinate 3 USD a bottle. Where the demand and supply curves meet there you will find the price.

After supper in the evening we walk to the top of the camp site for a great view of Kilimanjaro. Not a cloud in sight. To bed at 19:30. Should sleep like a log.

Below, view towards the summit from Mweka Camp, bottom right, our porter/cooking/guide team at Mweka.
Meweke 3
Mweke 5
Mweke 6