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Still Tuesday 4/1/05
Drove back to the campsite and put down the tents for the last time. It had been dry here at the campsite so everything was dry. After lunch we left to drive back to Moshi. Fell asleep and awoke when hack on the main road to Arusha. Watched the rain clouds and lightening in the distance. Shortly after Arusha we dropped of Amina, a masseur from the camp site who had hitched a lift with us. Shortly after the sun set and we drove further in the dark. Driving was dangerous - vehicles without lights, cyclists (no lights of course) and lots of unlit pedestrians.
After a shower it was time for supper. For me a Tasmanian dish with Kilimanjaro and Safari beer. Also a bottle of Tasmanian red wine which we all agreed was not the best red wine we had ever had. We celebrated our last evening in Tanzania with a few short speeches and formally presenting our Kilimanjaro certificates (plus some more beer). Paying for the bill took ages. We paid with US dollars and got Tanzanian Schillings back which were no good to us, so we sent them back and eventually (after a long period of time) go 50 USD instead of the required USD 52. It took another 10 minutes after asking to get the rest. I suppose most tourists give up (but not us!). The wind had picked up a bit but it didn't make it any cooler.
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Wednesday 5/1/05
Awoke at 7 a.m.. Sigi was already dressed and had gone to have a lazy breakfast and write some postcards. I packed as much of my stuff into my kit bag keeping a spare clean t-shirt and a pair of socks to put on at the airport in Nairobi. I expected to smell od Diesel fuel and be very dusty by the time we got there.
Joined the others for breakfast where we wrote postcards, looking at maps, exchanging e-mail addresses and relaxing in the shade. Had a Lűbecker Marzipan chocolate which Ludwig had magically kept for the whole trip without squashing, melting or otherwise damaging. It tasted great.
We left at midday with Silvano accompanying us all the way to Nairobi. Drove to Moshi where we picked up some other passengers. Sat next to an elderly lady who had been working as a missionary (and midwife + nurse) in Ethiopia from 1964 until about 1985, and in Moshi from 1987 onwards. Originally from Schaffenhausen in Switzerland.
In Arusha we changed to another bus and headed for the Tanzanian/Kenyan border at Namanga. Driving at 100-110 km/h presumably to make up time for leaving an hour late from the hotel (I think there were passenger on an earlier flight than ours just after midnight).
At Namanga we received exit stamp from the Tanzanians and an entry stamp from the Kenyans. Some of the bus party had no Kenyan visa (they had flown directly to Moshi airport) and had to pay USD 20 for one We had paid 40 Euros (USD 52) for ours in Vienna! We arrived in Nairobi just after dark and after dropping off some passengers at the airport headed for downtown Nairobi.
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