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We went to a nice hotel/restaurant in the centre of town with Silvano and Roberto who had met us there. It was full of Somalians who had recently fled the troubles there and it seemed, were in no hurry to return home. Filet of fish for me (name ??) and a couple of beers. At 22:00 drove to the airport with Silvano and Roberto, said our good-byes and joined a horribly long queue to check in. Ludwig and I had some trouble with an arrogant and rude indian 'gentleman' who was pushing his way through. But it was nothing that Ludwig and I could not deal with.

Once on the Swiss aeroplane we waited half an hour (or more) as passengers were counted and recounted - there was a discrepancy in the number of expected passengers. In fact Ludwig's seat was double booked - unfortunately for Ludwig it was the other person that got put into business class. Has supper (chicken + potatoes) and watched a comedy film (Taxi - absolute rubbish) and fell asleep.
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Below, putting the finishing touches to the new road to Ngorongoro conservation park as we were leaving in the afternoon. It will not be laid further in to the park.

Left, Rhino. Look closely.

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Thursday 6/1/05

Awoke at 6:00 local, had breakfast and landed late (7:00 instead of 6:20) at Zurich airport. Forgot my specs case on the plane (did the same on the flight to New Zealand). We rushed for our flight to Vienna but had already been taken off the passenger list as our baggage would never have made it with us. So it was off to the Swiss transfers desk to get on another fight. I asked and got a fight on to Salzburg instead of Vienna plus a 10 Franken drinks voucher. On the way out to Nairobi I had asked about the possibility off flying back to Salzburg instead. It would have cost me 600 Euros! I got it for free and 10 Franken for drinks. My flight was earlier than the next Vienna flight and I would save 4 hours of traveling back to Salzburg on the train. So I was quite happy.

Boarded my flight at 9:05 after saying good-bye to Sigi, Dieter and Joe (Ludwig had managed to make his flight to Dűsseldorf). Landed in a cool (7 degrees) wet Salzburg just after 10 a.m.  There were only about 8 people on the flight and one of the advantages of flying into a small airport like Salzburg is that the baggage usually arrives after only 5 minutes. Not today. Because it wasn't on the plane. I wasn't surprised. So I filled out a lost baggage form assuming it had gone to Vienna. A call from Vienna later in the day confirmed this and it was delivered in the evening. It could have been worse. Dieter's bag was neither in Salzburg nor Vienna - he got it eventually. All that was left to do was sort out and clean clothes, tent, sleeping bag, boots and process films. Oh and write this report. But it's done now!

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