Other Instruments:

Bentside spinet Bentside spinet 1 x 8'
compass: FF-f3
after J.H.Silbermann 1767
corpus and plain lid: cherry
Pentagonal Spinet Pentagonal spinet
compass: C-d3 or C/E-f3
after Domenikus Pisaurensis 1540 (Venice)
spruce and cypress
instrument within an outer case
florianiSpinett Spinet after Benedetto Floriani
Venice ca 1570

compass: short oktave C/E-f3
144/46/13 cm

instrument plus outer case
florianidetail Spinet after Benedetto Floriani

Portativ organ Portativ organ
after mediaeval models
woodpipes, with one bordun
compass for example: C-d diatonic (9 pipes plus bordun)
corpus spruce with button keyboard
or: E-c,d chromatic (21 pipes plus bordun)
hardwood corpus with keyboard
Monochord Monochord
for tuning or demonstration of
musical principles

Salterio (baroque hammered dulcimer)
after Antonio Battaglia 1785

after a model from ca 1720


Normally my prices do not include legs (exept bentside spinet), or outercases. Panelled lids instead of spruce lids and casedecorations can be made on demand, the wood type of the cases are examples, and can be varied.

Please ask for prices!

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