Fretted Clavichords:

Donat 1700 Instrument after Donat 1700 (Leipzig)
compass: C-c3
measurements: 125 /34 /11 cm
Christofori Instrument after Bartolomeo Cristofori
compass: FF-c3  or GG-f3
217 cm long
unfretted above d0
fretted in the bass!!
Roemer 1774 Fretted travelling clavichord
after Anton Römer 1774 (Graz)
compass: C/E-d3
measurements: 108 /30 /11,5 cm
C.G.Hubert 1784 Instrument after C.G.Hubert 1784
compass: C-f3
measurements: 128 /35 /12 cm
Fretted Clavichord after early models
f.i.: Urbino Intarsia
compass: F,G,A-f3
or C/E-c3
triple and quadruple fretted

Instrument after C.F.Schmahl 1794
compass: FF-f3
measurements: 159 /42 /15 cm
oak with lid in spruce
Instrument after G.M.Gessinger 1780
compass: C-f3
measurements: 140/36/15,5
cherry with lid in spruce


Normally my prices do not include legs (exept bentside spinet), or outercases. Panelled lids instead of spruce lids and casedecorations can be made on demand, the wood type of the cases are examples, and can be varied.

Please ask for prices!