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The best SOFTWARE for the best PRICE - affordable quality software from d.f.g for everyone

Advanced PC utilities and financial software

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Our award winning software solutions:

Due to the big success we have significantly reduced our retail prices


PC Utilities

   dfg BackUp XP  

as low as 19,98  - see details


   dfg ShutDown XP   

as low as 9,98  - see details


   dfg AtomicTimeSync XP

as low as 6,98  - see details 


Financial Software 

   dfg StockAlert XP

as low as 19,98  - see details


    dfg StockHistory XP

as low as 29,98  - see details


Parental Control

    dfg KidProtector XP 

as low as 29,98  - see details


Education & Games

    dfg ChessExpert XP 

as low as 9,98  - see details

Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 compatible




For direct downloads of our high quality software from the d.f.g server, there is now a price reduction of 15 % of the regular retail sales price.

 You save now 15% using this offer !


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    Your valuable data are at risk -- dfg BackUp XP will secure your files and folders - easy to use, award winning professional backup solution with in built compression and encryption



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