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d.f.g announces a major price discount of up to 33%


In the actual d.f.g price information page a price reduction of up to 33% has been considered



dfg BackUp XP 3.9.1 has been released


check the new features



dfg ShutDown XP 3.9.1 has been released


check the new features



d.f.g's  new strategy for the future software development


more value for our customers



season greetings 2005


all the best for 2005


d.f.g announces a price discount for direct download                         


In the actual d.f.g price information page a price reduction of up to 33% has been considered. For price details please click here.

For Customers loading our valuable high quality software direct from the d.f.g server we offer an additional discount of 15 % of the regular retail sales price.

You save now 33% + 15% using this s-p-e-c-i-a-l offer ! 


Registration and order requests are now available over a secure (SSL) internet page : 

O r d e r  Now


d.f.g announces the next release of  dfg BackUp XP  Vers. 3.9.2


The no hassle way to INSURE your company's most valuable asset ... It's data. Protecting your data is so important, it makes sound business sense at just about any price. d.f.g has made information storage and security easy to afford and easy to handle. To be cost effective, data backup needs to be carried out regularly without fail. Leaving data backup to staff who may or may not remember is putting your business at risk.


dfg BackUp XP offers you hands free, fully automated backups of all your valuable data at a pre-set time every day, week or month.


dfg BackUp XP integrates into the unique dfg ShutDown XP program and saves all your files before the system shutdown (at a predefined time) without any user intervention. This ensures that your daily work is safe and on top of that you save money because your PC automatically switches the power off.


dfg BackUp XP will  work in your environment!  If you are running Windows 98, NT, ME,2000 and XP, download dfg BackUp XP and evaluate the software, F R E E  for 21 days.

It's never too late to organize a proper backup of your valuable data.

Donít just take our word for it! Try it Out!

      Details under : http://www.dfg1.net/products/a_backup_e.htm 

      (This is a highly recommended upgrade of dfg BackUp XP !)


      F r e e Download from http://www.dfg1.net/bin/a_backup.zip


d.f.g announces the next release of  dfg ShutDown XP  Vers. 3.9.1


     (This is a highly recommended update/upgrade of dfg ShutDown XP !)


F r e e  Download from http://www.dfg1.net/bin/a_sdown.zip


d.f.g's  new strategy for the future software development


In order to make for all customers the advanced functions affordable, d.f.g has now significantly reduced the price for the professional versions up to 33 % .

Consequently we will now concentrate on the professional version only to continuously improve our service and the functionality of our products . We will continue to implement the newest software features and technology. With this change in our strategy we follow strong customer demands and requests.

This results in higher costs for d.f.g (software development tools, licensed controls, etc.) which we try to compensate even with the lowered product price.
We regret that the free personal edition is therefore no longer available.

d.f.g season greetings


d.f.g staff is wishing you folks all the best, health and success for the year 2005



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