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The information provided by d.f.g is for informational purposes only. Anyone intending to trade equities should contact a registered broker or professional adviser before making decisions.

d.f.g shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content supplied by this services, or for any actions taken by users on the basis of this content.

d.f.g is committed to ensuring the privacy of our users. Internet user privacy is a high priority for us. This statement describes what user information we collect and how we use it. d.f.g never distributes personal information to third parties.

Development and distribution of the free version of d.f.g software is supported by advertisers. In order to attract advertisers to the d.f.g products, we must present an aggregate profile of our user base.

d.f.g collects several different types of information:

bulletWe log access to our web site so that we can learn more about how it is being used. This information is only used in aggregate.
bulletWe ask the users to provide their email address when registering d.f.g software. The email addresses are never sold or otherwise revealed to anyone outside of d.f.g. If the email address has been provided, users may remove their email address from our list at any time by sending an email to Click Here To Contact d.f.g with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
bulleton demand only, d.f.g software attempts to connect to D.F.G servers to determine whether a new version of d.f.g software or one of it's support files is available for download. d.f.g software does not send any information to the server during this process.NOTE: - The only files that d.f.g software can update are in the d.f.g software directory.
bulletWe ask our users to enter demographic information to help us provide better advertising. Providing the demographic information is optional. This information is only analyzed in aggregate and is used to describe the d.f.g software user-base to users, potential advertisers, and the press.

d.f.g software is ad supported software. All the ad related components in d.f.g software were written by us - including the part that serves ads. We are NOT associated with either Aureate/Radiate or Conducent/TimeSink.

d.f.g currently gets the ads from 24/7 Media - one of the largest Internet advertising and direct marketing companies. Click here for 24/7 Media Privacy Statement. d.f.g does NOT pass any information about the user to the ad servers. On occasion, we will display ads from our own servers or directly from the advertiser. As with 24/7 Media's ads, no user information is ever sent to the ad server and we verify that the company has a Privacy Statement similar to ours.

d.f.g does not provide any financial data for use in d.f.g software. All the information is retrieved from various web sites, most of which the user can choose. This information is retrieved using standard Internet protocols. Some of the sites may use Cookies. Though having Cookies enabled is not a d.f.g software requirement, some sites such as Fidelity, Scottrade and others require cookies to be enabled for proper access to the site. If that is the case, the site that the user selects to access is making the requirement, NOT d.f.g. A breakdown of data sources is as follows:
bulletMain Quotes - Retrieved from the site that the user selects
bulletFundamental Data for the quotes - Retrieved from Yahoo US
bulletIndex Quotes - Retrieved from the site that the user selects
bulletNews - Retrieved from the site that the user selects
bulletResearch - Retrieved from Yahoo US and from Zacks
bulletISLAND Level II Quotes - Retrieved from The ISLAND ECN

When communicating with brokerage sites, d.f.g software uses the same encryption (SSL) as do regular browsers such as Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. In fact, d.f.g software uses the same components for TCP/IP communication as MS IE. From the standpoint of security, there is no difference between accessing the particular site using d.f.g software or Microsoft Internet Explorer. The passwords are stored on the user's hard drive in an encrypted form so even if someone finds it, they will not be able to read it. d.f.g software only uses the password to login to the requested site. The password is never transmitted to d.f.g server or to any other site.