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dfg BackUp



The secure backup for your files&data






The data on your PCs or servers are at potential risk. Virus attacks can delete your files. A head crash or power supply failure can destroy your hard disk, ...

The leading backup program, dfg BackUp is the easy to use backup solution for you.


Regardless if you are a home user or working in a company office, if you are a PC novice or an IT professional, dfg BackUp is the answer to keeping your most valuable asset – your data –  safe.


With built-in data compression and secure encryption, dfg BackUp secures your valuable data on all common backup media incl. CD-R/RW, ZIP drive, hard disk, network drive, intranet, FTP server, eMail server, etc.


Designed for Betriebssystem9x BetriebssystemME BetriebssystemNT Betriebssystem2000 BetriebssystemXP










  1.   Program information

  2.   Basic and extended Functions

  3.   Description of program usage and options

  4.   d.f.g international support

  5.   What's new?

  6.   What's next?

  7.   Reference list





1.      Program information


Program Archive Name:     a_backup.zip

Program Name:                  dfg BackUp 

Program language :             multi lingual

Program Version:               see section What's new?

Program Release Date:      see section What's new?

Program Description:         dfg BackUp  - the ultimate backup utility

                                           including many useful options

Target OS:                          Betriebssystem9x BetriebssystemME BetriebssystemNT Betriebssystem2000 BetriebssystemXP

Software type:                    Shareware



Further AWARDS see Press/Awards








The Backup utility helps you protect your valuable data from accidental loss if your system experiences hardware or storage media failure. For example, you can use dfg BackUp to store the data on your hard disk in compressed archives  on another storage device.

dfg BackUp  is designed to backup your data files using the standard Zip file format, allowing backup files to be viewed and restored with most zip file utilities. With this advanced technology you are saving a lot of storage space (and money). The backup storage medium can be a logical drive such as your hard drive, or a separate storage device such as a removable disk, or an entire library of disks or tapes organized into a media pool. If the original data on your hard disk is accidentally erased or overwritten, or becomes inaccessible because of a hard disk malfunction, you can easily restore the data from the archived copy to your hard disk or any other disk you can access.






The fastest award winning professional back up and restore solution for nearly all backup medias - HD, ZIP, LAN, FTP, CD R/RW, etc. It is the most effective and fastest you can get today. Unlimited backup profiles are supported. dfg BackUp can be configured to start the backup automatically (powerful scheduler using command line options (switches) and to exit when the backup is finished. The files or complete directories will be synchronized or copied to a backup directory (local, network, FTP or eMail sever, etc.) and stored in ZIP compatible archives using a very fast and secure compression and encryption procedure. For a high security level an archive encryption is also supported. With this utility a version tracking of files and documents can be easily done as well. You can optionally limit the number of files or/and limit the size of the ZIP archive (to fit to the size of the backup media). Multi backup medias (ZIP, CD-R, CD-RW, etc.) are supported. With the new "find" function you can search for backup files within a collection of backup ZIP archives. We recommend a daily backup of all changed files triggered by the A_ShutDown utility before shut down or log off your computer.


2.    Basic and extended Functions


dfg BackUp  gives you an easy and powerful way to backup your valuable data.



Personal Edition  Functions






    Easy to use - for experts and novices

    Command line argument "/run" to fully automate the backup process

    Multi backup media support

    In built CD recording software for CD-R/RW (vers.3.3) Supported CD drives

    With Adaptec's Direct CD or Nero's InCd drivers you can also backup direct to

          Rewritable  (CD-R/RW).

    Backup archives are standard ZIP compatible archives

    Powerful and advanced archive file searching and restoring function

    Fast, secure and effective compression algorithm

    Selectable compression rate for the ZIP archive
   One Backup Profile can be defined with an unlimited number

          of directories and files

    Distribute the files to be backed up in several stand alone Zip files of a size

          fitting a standard writable CD (CD-R) or a size chosen by the user

    Backup entire hard or network drive (normal and read only files)

    Backup of changed files since the last backup (normal and read only files)

          File version tracking

    One daily backup archive with no limitations

    Powerful scheduler - supporting unattended auto-backup and multiple

          scheduling of any specific Time or Date, Day of the week or Month. It uses

          command-line support for a fully automation.

          (automated backup and version tracking of files and documents)

    Maximum size of  ZIP archive 50 MByte (multiple ZIP archives supported)

    Support of conventional or Universal Naming Convention (UNC) file names

         for the destiny archive directory, allowing access to all local and LAN

         Directories using Industry standard Win 32-bit, long directory and file names.

    Backup archive statistics

    Sound & Voice support

    Run dfg BackUp  in the background (system tray)

    Run dfg BackUp  automated triggered from A_ShutDown

         (Configuration of A_ShutDown with one mouse click !)





The professional edition includes all functions of the Personal Edition and the following additional functions :



Professional  Edition  Functions






    Unlimited number of backup profiles

    Optional backup of  special system files - windows registry, outlook files, etc.

    Powerful backup archive encryption using industrial 128 bit standard

    Backup to an internet or intranet/internet FTP server

    File synchronization (Source and Destination Directories) in both directions

    Filter function : Exclusion of files older and/or younger than a specific date

    Filter function : for complete directories (use of wildcards * ? )

    Filter function : Excluded (file) extensions

    Force function : Included (file) extensions

    Additional weekly and monthly backup archives (one archive for each profile)

    Additional command line arguments "/dir", "/profile" for more flexibility

    Including hidden and system files

    Autom. adding of new subdirectories to backup profiles

    Maximum size of  ZIP archive 1 GByte  (multiple ZIP archives supported)

    Support of network (UNC) path for source folders

    Optional maximum number of files in ZIP archive

    Optional file splitting of large files (> max. archive size) during  backup

    Optional forced shutdown (Power Off) after backup run

    Run external programs before and after the backup (vers.3.3)

    Optional deletion of old backup archives (older than x days)

    Wizard support for creating a new backup profile

    SMTP Backup transfer via eMail (vers.3.4)





3.    Description of program usage and options








Make a copy of any Remote Storage data and any data stored in mounted drives.
Schedule regular backups to keep your archived data up-to-date. To schedule dfg BackUp we recommend to use A_ShutDown - a professional shut down and scheduling utility.
You can use dfg BackUp to back up and restore data on either file allocation table (FAT) or NTFS file system volumes. However, if you have backed up data from an NTFS volume used in Windows NT,2000,XP, it is recommended that you restore the data to the same or another NTFS volume.

dfg BackUp  is designed to backup your data files using the standard Zip file format, allowing backup files to be viewed and restored with most zip file utilities.

dfg BackUp  distributes the files to be backed up in several stand alone Zip files of a size fitting a standard writable CD (CD-R) or a size chosen by the user. Therefore it can backup your files to logical drives such as your hard disks, network drives, ZIP drives, JAZ, SyQuest, writable CD (CD-R), and most other removable medias.

With Adaptec's Direct CD you can also backup direct to Rewritable CD's (CD-RW).

Most of the functions, actions and options of the program are self-explanatory or have already been mentioned in the previous chapter. The user interface has been designed for easy and safe use. Tooltips are available for all functions.


For details please refer to dfg BackUp Help & Tips and Tricks

4.    d.f.g international support


If you have any comments or suggestions for the next releases, please don't

hesitate to post them to us. Click Here To Contact d.f.g Service




Before you contact us regarding a bug, please do the following:


    Be sure that you're doing everything right. 

    Check for a newer version of dfg BackUp on the d.f.g download page

    Visit our FAQ page

    Visit also our support forum at http://dfg1.netfirms.com/cgi-bin/forum/x-forum.cgi.

    If the bug still exists, report the error using our error report form

         If a serious bug has will be found in the program and the new version is not ready yet,

         we will make the hot fix for it.


For further information you can contact d.f.g technical support at:

                  Click Here To Contact d.f.g Service


5.     - What's new?



Program History






version 3.9 build 0 - released on December 18, 2004

- minor improvements

- reduced price

- minor bug fixes

version 3.8 build 1 - released on June 17, 2004

- minor improvements

- minor bug fixes

version 3.7 build 1 - released on March 7, 2004

- reduced software price

- improved registration procedure

- minor bug fixes

version 3.6 build  1  - released on November 01, 2003
- minor improvements

- minor bug fixes

version 3.5 build  0  - released on June 07, 2003
- minor bug fixes

version 3.4 build  0  - released on April 07, 2003
- new GUI - XP style for WinXP users

- new function - Registry backup

version 3.3 build  0  - released on March 16, 2003
- new function - in built CD-R/RW recorder

- new function - start external program (before and after the backup run)

- new filter - exclude files younger than a specific date

- new filter - exclude files younger than a specific number of days

- multi backup media support now available for home and professional edition
- minor bug fixes

- scheduler for A_ShutDown v.3.3 configuration updated

- updated help documentation

version 3.2 build 3 - released on January 12, 2003
- new function - overwrite or protect older files in ZIP archive

- minor bug fixes

- updated help documentation

- improved bug reporting capability

version 3.2 build 1 - released on January 8, 2003
- change in registry key - the registry key of version 3.2 or later

  will be valid for all future releases.

  (Only essential new functions which belong to future

   major releases might be disabled for lower versions)

- copy and paste function for registry improved
version 3.1 build 5 - released on January 4, 2003
- new function - synchronize files and folders on your medias and in your network
- new function - implementation of backup to Internet-FTP server

- new function - shutdown (power off) after backup

- new function - delete archives older than xx days

- new function - improved security - now with backup archive encryption

- new function - Filter for directories (using wildcards)

- support of 3 categories of ZIP archives : daily, weekly and monthly archives

- editable exclusion filter now also for the home edition

- new full page search & restore window

- improved ZIP engine

- improved animations

- preparations for implementation of different languages

- New function for home edition: backup statistic

                                               Support of CD-R, CD-RW

                                               integrated scheduler

- improved user interface (GUI) which allows intuitive usage

- improved registration procedure

- now 45 days trial version

- f r e e  trial registration key (prevents the login screen)

- no more banners

- minor bug fixes

version 3.1 build 0,4 - beta releases October 2, 2002
Version 2.x program history





6.     - What's next?



New developments






version 3.5  - released June, 2003
- new function - Outlook files  backup

- German version

- French version

- other languages
version 3.6  - released August, 2003
- SMTP Backup transfer via eMail

- Instant backup feature

Please comment on the priority and let us know what you need.





7.    Reference list  small selection of year 2002 only





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