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This program is an award winning  professional shutdown utility - the best you can get today.  It absolutely shuts down, restarts and logs off your computer including power off and forced shut down option - a double click on the stop icon is sufficient. Optionally will dfg ShutDown XP  execute a program before shutdown (e.g. for your daily backup) or it will  lock and protect the computer while you are absent. It writes all actions including a system crash with date, time, user and  action into a log file  and it updates the system time via an Atomic Clock from the Internet.


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  1.   Program information

  2.   Basic and extended functions

  3.   Description of program usage and options

  4.   Installation & uninstallation

  5.   Known bugs and work arounds

  6.   What's new?

  7.   What's next?

  8.   Copyright and license

  9.   Technical support



1.    Program information

Program Archive Name:     a_sdown.zip

Program Name:                  dfg ShutDown XP 

Program Version:               see section What's new?

Program Release Date:      see section What's new?

Program Description:         dfg ShutDown XP  - the ultimate Windows shutdown program

                                           including many useful options

Target OS:                          Win98,WinME,NT,Win2000,XP

Software type:                    Shareware


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2.    Basic and Extended Functions

dfg ShutDown XP  -- the ultimate Windows shutdown program


dfg ShutDown XP  gives you an easy and thorough way to shutdown, restart or log off your system with optional power off and shutdown forcing (no questioning). A Countdown Counter enables to cancel the shutdown within a time period of 10 seconds. Optionally will dfg ShutDown XP  protect the computer while you are absent. You can also launch a program (and wait for exit) before shutdown e.g. to start your daily backup program. All actions (log off, shut down, restart, etc. including system crash info) together with time and userID  will be stored in a log file. Synchronization from your system clock to the exact time using the Internet can be done manually or automatically. It queries one of the National Institute of Standards and Technology timeservers, which then returns the correct standard time. The standard time is converted to local time and compared with the internal system time on the computer, and adjustments are made accordingly. Optional automatic time check after Windows / program start (pre-condition: Internet connection is available).


Basic functions - Personal Edition :


·                     Always on top option and Min Size          

·                     Atomic Time Sync of the PC system clock

·                     Shutdown at a predefined Time (incl. seconds) e.g.:




·                     Reboot at a predefined Time

·                     Log Off at a predefined Time

·                     Emergency Shut Down - - Double Click on the icon

·                     Supports Sound - Windows schemes

·                     Home position in the upper right screen corner

                 The Min, Max and Close button of the top window are not covered or blocked !

·                     Countdown Counter from 9 to 0 -- 10 seconds (selectable) to cancel possibility of triggered action

                  (shutdown, reboot, logoff)        .  .  .  . 

·                     Start with Windows as a background service

·                      Move to System Tray 

                         Starts  the d.f.g Screen Saver  by a click on



·                     All important buttons, checkboxes or text fields have tooltips !


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Extended Functions - dfg ShutDown XP  Professional:


·                     Start a program and wait for exit of the program before shutdown or log off


·                     Start a program at a predefined time only -  no shut down or log off

·                     Automatic Atomic Time Sync at start up

·                     Start Screensaver and Lock PC

·                     Logs every action (shut down, system crash, etc.) in the dfg ShutDown XP.log file  -

·                           very important function if your system is used by several people

·                     PC Lock - this locks your PC, the password is 128 bit encrypted

·                               there is only one  way to unlock the PC  -- your personal password

                  it also disables the function of Ctrl-Alt-Del and Alt-Tab key combinations - also for NT/2000/XP



·                     Additional option: Start immediately  into the  System Tray

·                     Additional option:  after inactivity of I/Os

·                     Adjustable Countdown Counter from 9 to 0

·                     Use of command line parameters

·                     Advanced Disk Cleaner

·                     Run as a NT servicer

·                     Lock PC from the popup menu


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3.    Description of program usage and options


Most of the functions, actions and options of the program are self-explanatory or have already been mentioned in the previous chapter. The user interface has been designed for easy and safe use.



There are a  few options to be mentioned or explained in detail:




Shuts down the system to a point at which it is safe to turn off the power. All file buffers have been flushed to disk, and all running processes have stopped


Shuts down the system and then restarts the system

Log off           

Shuts down all running processes, then logs the user off

Alarm Sound only     

use the program as an alarm clock

Start Program only     

to start time controlled programs without shutdown



Power Off         

Shuts down the system and turns off the power. The system must support the power-off feature

Force - Without questions

Forces processes to terminate. When this flag is set, Windows does not query running applications to inform them that Windows is shutting down. This can cause the applications to lose data, therefore, you should only use this flag in an emergency


Send to System Tray        -       left button       

Show full size / minimize -       middle button

Send to home position     -       right button

Moving the Shutdown Clock Window using the mouse

Move the mouse pointer over the blue button, press the left mouse button and shift the Clock on the screen.


Emergency Shutdown  -  Double Click the  icon. The PC will Shut Down immediately in the forced shutdown mode.


Sys Tray Menu           

Click on the stop icon in the sys tray with the right mouse button to show the menu.


Click on :

Show dfg ShutDown     

to move the clock from Sys Tray

d.f.g on the Web        

to visit our Home Page


to show the About Window




to send the clock into the home position


Double Click on the stop icon in the system tray to shut down, restart, log off, etc. depending on the  selected options


Shutdown menu in Task Manager and in the Windows startup menu


For security reasons the shutdown and logoff button in the Task Manager and in Windows start menu will be removed and functions like Alt-F4 will be disabled if you choose the option "Enable Secure PC" (after your reconfirmation only)

-- if you disable this function the menus will be restored and the Alt-F4 function enabled after a PC reboot.

Note for older versions than 2.4.1 : in order to restore the shutdown menu in the Task Manager and in the Windows startup menu and to enable the Alt-F4 function please start the utility



This action requests a new start of the computer. The program is located in the folder : ..\DFG\dfg ShutDown XP\A_RestoreStartMenu.exe


Using Command Line Parameters


Now dfg ShutDown XP can provide a scheduled function such as reboot  the PC every Monday or shutdown the PC on 1st every month. To start the program use Windows Scheduled Task system utility.


Command line :  dfg ShutDown XP.exe  /action:default

                         (performs the action which is defined in the setup menu)

                    dfg ShutDown XP.exe  /action:shutdown

                         (is a forced shutdown without questions)

                    dfg ShutDown XP.exe  /action:poweroff

                         (is a forced shutdown without questions and power off)

                    dfg ShutDown XP.exe  /action:reboot

                         (is a forced reboot without questions)

                    dfg ShutDown XP.exe  /action:logoff

                         (is a forced logoff without questions)

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4.    Installation & uninstallation


Unzip from archive.


If you are upgrading please close the old program before installation.

Double-click on the file Setup.exe to run the dfg ShutDown XP Setup Wizard. If you are using WINZIP simply double click a_sdown.zip and click the WinZip Menu Install.

dfg ShutDown XP Setup Wizard will automatically setup and install the whole program in under a minute! No system restart will be  necessary!

Go to Start->Programs->d.f.g->dfg ShutDown XP and click on the dfg ShutDown XP icon. 


Enjoy dfg ShutDown XP !


Please Note: Before running the program it is necessary to have some software like the Visual Basic RunTime DLLs, Mscomctl.ocx and the Msscript.ocx preinstalled. On most systems these files are already available since they are used by many other applications. You can get them from our Homepage Download Section or from the Microsoft Homepage. Depending on what is missing, download the latest ZIP archives.


Before you uninstall the program please be sure that the software is not running. dfg ShutDown XP has because of security reasons no exit button. For this program please use the Windows task manager (open with Ctrl-Alt-Del) to abort it. Click on tab "Applications" then on program "dfg ShutDown XP" and finally click on "End Task".

To uninstall the program use "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows control panel.


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5.    Known bugs and workarounds of the latest  version



If you have an old AT Power supply which has no automatic Power Off capability –do not use the power off option. Otherwise the PC will reboot.


For further inputs please contact our FAQ Internet Page


If you are the first who reports a bug with accompanying sufficient documentation, you will get in return a Professional key free of charge.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions to improve our product.


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6.     - What's new?


version 3.9 build 0 - released on December 19, 2004

- selectable Hot Key to view the main window

- removed disk cleaner

- reduced software price

- improved registration procedure

- minor bug fixes

version 3.7 build 3 - released on March 27, 2004

- Run as a NT service

- Password protection for options menu

- Lock PC from the popup menu
- minor
bug fixes

version 3.7 build 1 - released on March 7, 2004

- reduced software price

- improved registration procedure

- minor bug fixes

version 3.3 build 0 - released on February 1, 2003
- start in system tray now also in the home edition

- different shutdown times depending on the day of the week

- shutdown counter selectable between 0 and 99

- shutdown/logoff/restart after a defined period of time

version 3.2 build 5 - released on January 7, 2003
- implementation of advanced disk cleaner

version 3.1 build 1 - released on January 2, 2003
- improved registration procedure

- improved user interface (GUI) which allows intuitive usage

- now 45 days trial version

- f r e e  trial registration key (prevents the login screen)

- preparation for implementation of advanced disk cleaner

- Minor bug fixes

version 2.8 build 2 - released on August 12, 2002

- minor bug fix for menu "start program only"

version 2.8 build 1 - released on August 09, 2002

- added Exit menu item to popup menu

- systray bugfix of version 2.8.0

version 2.8 build 0 - released on August 07, 2002

- support of command line parameters

- implementation of an EXIT program button

- TTS warning only at fist startup

- minor bug fixes

- improvement of key handling

- new, improved layout of setup menu

version 2.7 build 5 - released on June 14, 2002

- implementation of advanced error trapping capability

version 2.7 build 4 - released on June 03, 2002

- implementation of voice clock - the program talks to you

- improved registration procedure

version 2.7 build 1 - released on April 02, 2002

- Bug fix - daylight savings adjustment one hour behind

version 2.5/2.6 build 1 - released on March 18, 2002
Pre selectable starting number of countdown counter

- If you manually start an action from the pop up menu (right mouse button)

  then the countdown counter will be disabled

- Increased test period for deluxe version to 31 days
- Improvements of registration program - now a company license is implemented
version 2.4 build 1 - released on March 10, 2002
- Support of 12(AM/PM) and 24 hour format and all time zones

- Bug fix in Atomic Time Sync (daylight saving)
version 2.3 build 1 - released on March 3, 2002
For security reasons the shutdown and logoff button in the Task Manager and in Windows start menu will be removed if you choose the option "Enable Secure PC" (after your reconfirmation only)

-- if you disable this function the menus will be restored again after a PC reboot.

version 2.2 build 1 - released on March 1, 2002
- Minor bug in registration program
- Unregistered version now with full deluxe functionality
- shell and wait is now functioning without installed scripting host
version 2.1 build 7 - released on February 25, 2002
- dfg ShutDown XP is now member of our partner program
version 2.1 build 6 - released on February 19, 2002
- new sound for alarm clock function
version 2.1 build 5 - released on February 11, 2002
- minor bug in popup menu fixed
version 2.1 build 4 - released on February 2, 2002
- Added Command Arguments (switches) to the Start program before shutdown
version 2.1 build 3 - released on January 12, 2002
- Added Alarm Clock function
- Added additional sys tray menu items
- Added pull down menu
version 2.1 build 2 - released on January 02, 2002
- Added log File - Deluxe Version
- Added Screensaver for PC Lock function
version 2.1 build 1 - released on October 01, 2001
- Added Atom Time Synchronization
- Added PC Lock function. - Deluxe Version
- Improved some interface.
- Fixed minor bugs.
version 2.0 build 1 - released on January 02, 2001
- program made public


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7.     - What's next?


Implementation of sleep modus

Please comment on the priority and let us know what you need.


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8.    Copyright and License


Please refer to   "..\d.f.g\Common\license\license.rtf"  file on your PC



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9.    Technical Support


Before you contact us, please do the following:



Be sure that you're doing everything right. 


Visit d.f.g home page  at http://members.aon.at/dfg. Navigate to the FAQ section or check for a newer version of dfg ShutDown XP in the download area.


Visit also our new support forum at http://dfg1.netfirms.com/cgi-bin/forum/x-forum.cgi . If a serious bug has been found in the program, but the new version is not ready yet,  we will make the hot fix for it.


But if you still have a problem with dfg ShutDown XP and nothing else helps, please contact technical support at:


             Click Here To Contact d.f.g Service


Please inform us about the following:



dfg ShutDown XP version (from "About" dialog)


Where did you get dfg ShutDown XP (http or ftp site)


Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP version (including service packs and other fixes installed),  US or international, OEM or not


Computer information: CPU type and speed, installed memory description of your problem (as much information as possible to retrieve the problem)


If you have any comments or suggestions for the next releases, please don't hesitate to post them to us.


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