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Free financial data (real time data, historical data, company fundamentals and profiles, IPOs, news, etc.) from the Internet as well as other software to fully automate your home or company office (data download, update data bases, analyzing, backups, shutdown, etc.) .



d.f.g_Software has been developed by ambitious software developers and investors for their own use and it is being successfully used. d.f.g is now licensing this special award winning software to all home and professional PC users for a minimal fee. --- You can actively participate in the decisions for future software development. Please send your requests and recommendations by eMail to: d.f.g Service .




    dfg ShutDown XP     Click here to see a screenshot of this code! (Screen shots)          98MeNT2KXP

Simple, easy to use, award winning software. This program is a professional shutdown utility - the best you can get today.  It absolutely shuts down, restarts and logs off your computer including power off and "force option" - a double click on the icon is sufficient. Optional dfg ShutDown XP can execute a program before shutdown (e.g. backup program) or it will lock and protect the computer while you are absent. It writes all actions including a system crash with date, time, user and action into a log file  and it updates the system time via an atomic clock from the Internet. The new version also now includes an alarm clock function.




Further AWARDS see Press/Awards



    dfg BackUp XP   Click here to see a screenshot of this code! (Screen shots)      98MeNT2KXP

Simple, easy to use, award winning software. Backup your data on a regular basis. This program is a professional backup utility. Different backup profiles are supported. dfg BackUp XP can be configured to start the backup automatically after the program starts (using command line options) and to end when the backup is finished. The files or complete directories will be stored in ZIP archives using a very fast and secure compression procedure. We recommend a daily backup of all changed files triggered by the dfg ShutDown XP utility before shut down or log off your computer.






Further AWARDS see Press/Awards



    dfg AtomicTimeSync XP   Click here to see a screenshot of this code!  (Screen shots)      98MeNT2KXP

dfg AtomicTimeSync XP is a professional Time Synchronization utility to synchronize your PC via the internet. The program supports the 12 (AM/PM) and 24 hours time format as well as all time zones. Beside that you can define an individual time offset- which is a nice feature for travelling notebook users. dfg AtomicTimeSync XP works through Firewalls and proxy servers and it talks to you ....






Further AWARDS see Press/Awards



    dfg StockAlert XP    Click here to see a screenshot of this code! (Screen shots)           98MeNT2KXP

Easy to use, award winning software. Receive free of charge real time data from stocks you are interested in (unlimited number). Set limits and you will receive an alert message (eMail, SMS on the cellular/handy phone) when the value exceeds or drops below the limits. dfg StockAlert XP notifies you when you need to be informed of market movements at any time, around the globe. Using today's top communication channels, investors can be updated via cellular phones  (SMS) and eMails. dfg StockAlert XP is an innovative tool that makes stock trading more convenient and functional for today's investors. dfg StockAlert XP gives you the flexibility to keep abreast of the rapidly changing exchange market.



Further AWARDS see Press/Awards



    dfg StockProfile XP    (soon available)               98MeNT2KXP

Receive free of charge, store in MS_ACCESS database and view, sort, evaluate, print etc. the latest fundamental data and company profile.









    dfg StockHistory XP     (soon available)            98MeNT2KXP

Receive free of charge historical data from stocks you are interested in (unlimited number). Set the time for automatic download and keep your stock software up to date. Direct support of Metastock database (no ASCCI import necessary).








Necessary preinstalled software

d.f.g  programs require the free Visual Basic Run-Time DLLs , Mscomctl.ocx,  Msscript Run-Time DLLs - in most cases these DLLs and OCXs are already installed on the PC since DLLs are also used by a lot of other application software. Versions 2.5.1 or higher have an automated download of missing files included.


Software registration

If you would like to use the d.f.g software without a login window during the 45 days test period (we would highly appreciate this) then you have to register. This is absolutely free. For the registration you need a valid eMail address. Simply press the register button in the window of the software and follow the instructions.

In order to allow the test of the professional edition features, the unregistered version enables all features of the professional edition. After registration the login window will no longer pop up.

Rem.: If you have purchased the Personal Edition and the (45 days) test period for the professional edition has not expired, you can delete the Personal Edition key (which has disable the profi features) and use instead your trial again. Another possibility : you can upgrade to the professional edition at any time.

(Note.: Make sure that you have the newest software release installed! - check download page)


Software pricing information

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If you are the first who reports a bug with accompanying sufficient documentation, you will get in return a Professional key free of charge. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions to improve our product.

Contact with us:      

If you have questions about the software please send to d.f.g Service . We will answer your questions on our  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

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