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Genealogy concerning "Dobsak"

July 6, 2007
I am interested since 1998 about my ancestors - unfortunately a little late, because my most important sources, my parents, are both deceased.
2005 I developed my own family tree program. The program is described here:

I look for missing data and further ancestors of my grandfather Franz Dobsak:

Great-grandmother: Anna Korenek
in Veseli
Great-grandmother: Barbara Fojtik born Lobecky

Great-grandfather: Michael Fojtik
Great-grandmother: Anna Rolenc born Galac

Great-grandfather: Anton Rolenc
Great-grandmother: Elisabeth Dobsak born Pavlik

Great-grandfather: Johann Dobsak

Grandmother: Antonia Fojtik born Korenak
born on 21. January 1814 in Veseli nad Moravou
died on ? in ?

Grandfather: Martin Fojtik
born on 30. October 1813 in Veseli nad Moravou
died on ? in ?

Grandmother: Marianna Dobsak born Rolenc
born on 28. December 1815 in Veseli 190 nad Moravou
died on ? in ?

Grandfather: Martin Dobsak
born on 5. November 1810 in Veseli 62 nad Moravou
died on ? in ?

Mother: Marianna Dobsak born Fojtik
born on 20. November 1841 in Veseli nad Moravou 162, suburb.
died on ? in ? (TB)

Father: Franz Dobsak
born on 6. July 1841 in Veseli 271 nad Moravou
died on ? in ? (TB)

Franz Dobsak
Franz Dobsak Brothers:
  • Ignaz Dobsak
  • Johann Dobsak
Born on 20. Feb. 1872 in Veseli a.d.Mor.
Parents became TB, both deceased and Franz comes to Wien
He learns carpenter in Wien
Carpentry in Eggenburg

Married on 27. Oct. 1895 with Theresia Dobsak born Widl in Wien 10

He became TB
Died 1908 in Eggenburg

Child: Maria Child: Ferdinand Child: Franz Child: Ignaz