Lista delle canzoni interpretate dai WHO CARES? dal maggio 1995 al marzo 2003


Classifica                                   Titoli                   

1                          26                      Catís In The Well                          

2                          22                      Absolutely Sweet Marie                 

3                          21                      Pledging My Time                       

                                                      The Weight                             

                                                      West L.A. Fadeway                 

6                          20                      Il Rock Di Capitano Uncino                             

7                          17                      Down In The Flood                    

8                          16                      Dogs On The Run                     

9                          15                      All Along The Watchtower                     

                                                      Real Real Gone                        

11                        14                      To Be Alone With You                   

                                                      You Donít Know Me                     

13                        12                      Canít Wait                   

                                                      Odds And Ends                         

                                                      Things Have Changed                     

16                        11                      And It Stoned Me                       

                                                      Quando Sarai Grande                    

                                                      Shake Sugaree                           

                                                      Youíre A Big Girl Now                           

20                        10                      Canít Be Satisfied                      

                                                      Let It Bleed                 

22                        9                        Buckets Of Rain                            

                                                      Jolie Louise               

                                                      Last Minute Pattern                           


                                                      Waiting For The Man                   

27                        8                        Friend Of The Devil                    

                                                      Queen Jane Approximately                           

29                        7                        All The Time In The World               

                                                      Buonanotte Fiorellino                   

                                                      I Shall Be Released                     

                                                      Listen To Her Heart                   

33                        6                        Alabama Getaway                       


                                                      Poí Boy                    

                                                      Spider & The Fly                        

                                                      Subterranean Homesick Blues                  

                                                      The Man In Me                      

39        5                                        As I Went Out One Morning                           

11 Songs                                        Better Make It Thorough The Day                    

                                                      Changing Of The Guards                             

                                                      Leopard-Skin Pill Box-Hat                          

                                                      Menís World               

                                                      Need A Woman                            

                                                      Never Too Late To Rock Roll                        

                                                      Oh Babe It Ainít No Lie                             

                                                      Slow Train                  

                                                      Stuck Inside Mobile With Menphis Blues Again.                     


50                        4                        Blood In My Eyes                      

10 Songs                                        Donít Think Twice Itís All Right                     

                                                      Du Mit De Braunen Augín                 


                                                      Heart Break Just Like The Dawn                        

                                                      It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A T..                     

                                                      L&N Donít Stop Here                  

                                                      My Old Friend The Blues                    

                                                      New Minglewood Blues                  

                                                      Star Of The County Down                 

60                        3                        Folsom Prison Blues                     

8 Songs                                          Not Fade Away                      

                                                      Shelter From The Storm                 

                                                      Tell Me                           

                                                      Tonight Iíll Be Staying Here With You                           

                                                      Visions Of Johanna                      


                                                      Winding Wheel                           

68                        2                        Billy                     

21 Songs                                       Cabin Down Below                    

                                                     Chimes Of Freedom                     


                                                     Every Grain Of Sand                 

                                                     Final Theme               

                                                     In The Weeds                             

                                                     Is Anybody Going To San Antone?                           

                                                     Killing The Blues                         

                                                     Long Gone Lonesome Blues                  

                                                     North Country Blues                 

                                                     On A Night Like This                           

                                                     One Headlight                         

                                                     People Get Ready                       

                                                     Rock Me Mama                        

                                                     Somebody Touch Me                           

                                                     The Devilís Been Busy                  

                                                     To Ramona                           

                                                     Up On Cripple Creek                 

                                                     You Ainít Going Nowhere                         

                                                     You Donít Know How It Feels                    

89                        1                       Abandoned Love                         

55 Songs                                       Ballad Of Thin Man (Robert)                           

                                                     Blue Moon                 

                                                     Carribean Wind                           

                                                     Carved In Stone                           

                                                     Dark Hollow                             

                                 Dead Flowers                           

                                 Everythings Is Broken                   

                                                     Forever Young               

                                                     For What Itís Worth               

                                                     From A Buick 6                            

                                                     Golden Loom                 

                                                     Hand Jive                    

                                                     Handy Dandy               

                                                     Happy Birthday                           

                                 Hey Wickie                             

                                                     Iím The Worst               

                                                     I Still Miss Someone                           

                                                     I Threw It All Away                      

                                                     It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Robert)                           

                                                     John Wesley Harding                            

                                                     Just Like Tom Thumbí Blues                   

                                                     Knockiní On Heavenís Door                  

                                                     La Canzone Del Sole                   

                                                     Like A Rolling Stone                    


                                                     Lucky Old Sun                           

                                                     Man Of Costant Sorrow                            

                                                     Mary From The Wild Moore                             

                                                     Minstrel Boy                    


                                                     My Back Pages                      

                                                     Mystery Train                             

                                                     Nashville Skyline Rag                   

                                                     Never Say Goodbye                   

                                                     Obviously Five Believers                          

                                                     One More Night                      

                                                     One More Weekend                         

                                                     Oí Sole Mio                    

                                                     Outlaw Blues                  

                                                     Pancho And Lefty                        


                                                    Should I Stay Or Should I Go                     


                                                    Call Me The Breeze                      

                                    The Groomís Still Waiting From At...                   

                                    The Pusher               

                                    Tight Connection To My Heart                         

                                    Unhappy Anniversary                   

                                    You Wanna Ramble                           

                                    Watching The River Flow                  

                                    When I Paint My Masterpiece                     

                                    When The Night Comes Falling From ..                            

                                    When The Stars Go Blue                   



La band si Ť esibita sotto diversi nomi nel corso della sua carriera: Festival Band und Abseits und Why worry?