Camera collecting - be addictive
In the other way, it makes me happy !

The beginn    

As a child, I got the Reporter Rollfilmcamera from my father, he has used this camera in the World War II. This was my first camera. Now I am collecting cameras about 25 years.

At the beginning I collected all types of cameras. Now I am specialized on instant cameras -Polaroid, Kodak, Fuji, Foton,....

To create a Polaroid database    

I am working on the polaroid database since 1998. Today there are about 550 Polaroids listed with pictures and notes.
It is a hard work, to get informations and pictures of the Polaroids whole over the world, to make pictures of the cameras from my collection, to create the database on the computer and so on.

  My friend Erich Waldl takes
pictures for the database.


Many thanks to my friend Bruno Ristl for EDV - assisting.

I got some Informations and pictures from following Polaroid collectors:

E. BAARDA, Netherland; Z. Felkl, Germany, H. Geissler Germany, H. de Gits Netherland, R. Turner, USA, P.van der Veen, Netherland, P. Venema, Canada, Ting Man TM from HongKong, P. Blum from France


If you have some Polaroid cameras, advertisements, merchandising products, please send me an e-mail.


The bereaved of my hobby:
My wife Susanne and our son Michael are the bereaved. I spend much time for visiting fleat markets, photograpgica exchanges, Internet, and so on. But they be lenient.
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