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In der Nähe von Wien in viel Natur aufgewachsen, habe ich schon ganz früh begonnen zu malen. Zuerst Skizzen von Menschen und Fantasiefiguren, später dann Illustrationen und Grafikstudium an der Grafikakademie in Witten, Deutschland. Heute sehe ich mich als Freelance Illustratorin/Autorin mit großem Interesse am Experimentieren mit Kunst, Fotografie und Sprache.

Beruflich begleite ich sehr gern Schüler/innen als Lehrerin an der business.academy.donaustadt in Wien in den Fächern katholische Religion, Psychologie und Mediation.

What does art mean to you?

Art is like a huge fantasy world to me full of visual images. It’s a great human power to imagine things and create things by imagination. It’s a medium, which has spiritual and contemplating components for me too by exploring the inner beauty of all things and making them visible. Art means to me creation by my own fantasy and also clearance/liberation.

Where do you find inspiration?

The inspiration to find the inner beauty of things lies in nature, in silence, in the divine, if you want. I like lyrics, especially Japanese Haiku. They are an interesting and inspiring poem form and help me to concentrate and zero in on the nature of things. I find they correspond with my photography and drawings very well.

What would your advice be to someone who's just starting with it?

Be curious, watch narrowly your surrounding, don’t be satisfied with what appears at the surface, look what’s behind all this.

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