my name is Mike Androsch and here are some of my astro images. Most are made with a Nikon D7000 and Starlightxpress SXV-H9 CCD camera (MX7c now used for off-axis guiding).

I live in Upper Austria North of Linz at approx. 800 m elevation with rather dark country sky.

Telescope: 4" TMB and Gemini42 mount.

For guiding I use Starguide 2000. My software is AstroArt 3.0 (camera control and processing) and Photoshop.

M 33 as AAPOD on the 5th of Jan. 2014. Some faint objects on this site: Abell 43, Jones Emberson 1, Abell 39, Abell 62

Any detailed questions? Contact: mike.androsch@aon.at

Link to NEW website for images after March 2018!!!!!!