Special and General Relativity Theory


My interest in relativity theory originates from my work in cognitive science, which calls for a fundamental integration of space and time. I expected to find a philosophical basis for my arguments in special relativity, but was rather disappointed by the way Einsteinís theory is being taught and interpreted. However, I developed an alternative interpretation that much better supports my ideas on space and time.

The Main Argument

Once a clear distinction between inside and outside concepts of observation has been made, the special theory of relativity can be understood (and derived) on the basis of a 4-dimensional, completely Euclidean spacetime geometry. The Euclidean interpretation of relativity theory differs significantly from the standard (Minkowski) interpretation, as well as from so-called classical interpretations in the spirit of Lorentz.


It turned out that the Euclidean approach to special relativity can be generalized leading to a covariant gravitation model that does not include singularities (see publications).