Yeah, it's a real blockbuster!

Diamond Fever 1.81AP (appr. 150KB) free download! (Last update: 25.03.1999)
This is not a demo - it's a FULL game with 100 levels and (german) docs. What are you waiting for?


Version 1.5 (10.11.1998)
Bonusdisplay optimized. (too fast with turbos)

Version 1.6 (17.11.1998)
Few changes in the titlescreen.
Soundroutine improved. (didn't work well with turboboards)
Highscore inputroutine optimized. (again problems with turboboards)

Version 1.7 (20.11.1998)
Exit option. Now you can quit the game without resetting your machine!
Little changes in the titlescreen.
Versionstring (CLI-Command Version shows current versionnumber)
The game is now available on Aminet!

Version 1.8 (06.12.1998)
Bonusdisplay is slower now (You can get bonuspoints in more tricky levels now)
Highscore Inputroutine improved (faster)
You can leave a game by hitting F9
Pause-function implemented (F6=Pause F7=Continue).
Passwords after every 5th level.

Version 1.81AP (11.01.1999)
Mousepointer Bug fixed

This version is also available on AmigaPlus 03/99 Level 95 is now OK.

Any questions? Send a mail to

Please tell me how you like this game. Suggestions, critics or anything else are always welcome! Feedback is very important to me. It depends on you - if there will be a new version of "Diamond Fever".