AstroFritz - The Calendar Program with Astronomy Functions - Version 8.0

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Self Development in Collaboration with LexLechz and Consultation from h.c. greier and Gerhard Dangl

Calendar Program, Overview of the Holidays, Monthly Calendar, Four Month Overview and Day Difference Calculator.
Conversation in Hebrew, Islamic, Persian and Maya Calendar also is possible.
(Also Julian Calendar incl. Difference to Gregorian Calender.)

Numerous astronomical Functions such as Calculation of the Phases of the Moon, the next Eclipses of the Sun and
the Moon, Begin of the Seasons, Times of Rise, Maximum and Set of Sun, Moon and the Planets (incl. Pluto),
the Local Sidereal Time, the Equation of Time and the Julian Day.

Positions of the Planets from Mercury to Pluto and Position of the Moon with grafical View.
(Calculation with maximal Exactness of the VSOP87D under Consideration of the Nutation, Aberration, Parallax
and Runtime of the Light.)

Nevertheless small and fast; only approx. 1 MB (!) Harddisk Space for the Installation per Edition necessary.
(500 MHz Processor with Grafic Resolution 1024x768 recommanded, but runs even on a Pentium First practical.)

Addional Functions:

Calculation of Elevation and Azimuth of a SAT-Antenna e.g. for Astra- or Eutelsat-Satellites.
Calculation of the Distance ("Beeline") on Earth's Surface (Orthodrome on a close to Reality WGS84 Ellipsoid).
e.g. how many Kilometers are from Home to New York, Tokio or Sydney?

Languages: German and English, automatic detection and switchable
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/x64/Vista/Seven (32Bit + 64 Bit)
The 32Bit-Versions should work under Linux with wine.
(tested with OpenSuse 10.3 + 11.2 and Ubuntu 10.04)

Full package with Nullsoft-Installer (NSIS), 32Bit and 64Bit (AMD only, not for Itanium) chooseable

AstroFritz Version 8.0 (648 kB) (Version from December 26th, 2011)

without Installer, simply extract in desired Directory:

AstroFritz Version 8.0 (407 kB) (32 Bit Win)
AstroFritz Version 8.0 (403 kB) (64 Bit Win)

Info: The 64Bit-Version will run only on a 64Bit-Windows Operating System.

AstroFritz Light for Linux (54 kB) (32 Bit + 64 Bit Win)

Light-Version for Linux with GTK+
(tested with OpenSuse 11.2 and Ubuntu 10.04)

More Astronomical Software (AstroWin & Sarosportrait) here at Dr. Wolfgang Strickling

GDWebCam - Internet Utility

loads a Picture from the Web and updates it in free adjustable Intervals.
Ideal for showing Webcams. (With Consultation of Friedel Jantzen.)

for Windows XP/Vista/Seven.
(for Windows 98/ME/2000 GDI+ must be installed)

without Installer, simply extract in desired Directory:

GDWebCam (325 kB) (32Bit + 64Bit Win)

Object Height Calculation - Astronomy Utility

Calculation of the Height or Distance of an Object with given Angle
under Consideration of Earth's Curvature

without Installer, simply extract in desired Directory:

Object Height Calculation (115 kB) (32Bit Win)

Diskinfo - Drive Utility

shows all Drives, the Type, the File System, the Size and the free Space

DiskInfo 32Bit + 64Bit Version for Windows
DiskDriv = Diskinfo as Windows Console Program for the Command Line
HDDLost = shows that a Harddisk with e.g. 500 GB has a smaller Capacity

without Installer, simply extract in desired Directory:

Diskinfo  (134 kB) (32 Bit + 64 Bit Win)

- Biosutility

shows the Date of the System- and Video-BIOS

BiosInfo = 32Bit Windows Program for Win9x/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/Seven
(also for Vista & Seven 64Bit but not useful for XP  & Server 2003 64Bit)

BIOSDATD = 16Bit MSDOS-Program
Speciality: also works with the Command Prompt
of 32Bit Windows-Versions - BiosInfo can use this

without Installer, simply extract in desired Directory:

Biosinfo  (62 kB) (32 Bit Win & 16 Bit MSDOS)

Eastern and More - Predecessor of AstroFritz

without Installer, simply extract in desired Directory:

Eastern Version 5.8 (166 kB) (32 Bit Win)
Eastern Version 6.0 (323 kB) (32 Bit Win)

Historical Versions, Easter Date and Monthly Calendar only:

Eastern Version 3.2 (97 kB) (16 Bit Win 3.x, 32Bit + 64Bit Win)
Eastern Version 1.4 (24 kB) (32Bit + 64Bit Win)