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H.P.Lovecraft's Re-Animator returns

Latest updates

New Frankenstein comic books

Frankenstein is 100 years old!
In March 1910 the first Frankenstein movie premiered in the USA. Of course we have a short article on this long-lost movie that thanks to the internet is now available to the public.

Carrie Fisher in Frankenstein (1984)
Peter Cushing in Frankenstein Created Woman
Luke Goss in Frankenstein (2004)

Robert De Niro in Godsend
Wes Craven's Deadly Friend
Dean Koontz' Frankenstein (2004)
Frankenstein Reborn
The Island
Terror of Frankenstein
Van Helsing
Jeffrey Combs in Re-Animator

And to learn more about Frankensteinfilms.com and the Frankenstein myth read our 
MONSTER-SIZE HULK # 1, just recently published by Marvel features a stunning short story, in which Hulk Bruce Banner helps Victoria Frankenstein to re-awaken her grandfather's monster. "It's alive! Alive!!!" features artwork by Gabriel Hardman and draws obvious parallels between the Frankenstein monster and Hulk.

Burlyman Entertainment, the Wachowski Brothers' publishing house, has recently published the 6th issue in its ongoing DOC FRANKENSTEIN series, written by Andy and Larry Wachowski and beautifully drawn by Steve Skroce, which sees the Frankenstein monster battle Wild West werewolves, the Nazis, Yetis and the Vatican. An absolut must-read, it is just a pity that new issues are published on an irregular basis.

Frankenstein movie news

Frankenstein DVD news

The recent wave of ultra-gory Japanese low-budget splatterfests has spawned VAMIRE GIRL VS FRANKENSTEIN GIRL, a blood-drenched flick about teenage girls with superpowers. One of them is a vamire, the other is a Frankenstein-like creature and both are in love with the same boy. The ensuing mayhem, based on a manga, will surely delight fans of Japanese trash. Mary Shelley, however, would surely not approve of such a subtle adaptation of her classic novel. This masterpiece was released on UK R2 DVD on 15 March 2010 by AriasUK. Enjoy the trailer on youtube.com

In other movie news it seems as if Universal are getting a remake/reboot of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN ready. It is set to be directed by Neil Burger, writer and director of The Illusionist. Obviously Universal Studios once again are trying to milk their old franchises, since a Wolf Man remake starring Benicio del Toro is already finished.

Someone had the glorious idea to make a movie about IGOR, Frankenstein's lab assistant, who was first featured alongside Boris Karloff in James Whale's 1931 Frankenstein (where he was called Fritz).
Director Anthony Leondis has produced an animated family feature centering on an Igor who wants to create his own evil monster instead of assisting another mad scientist.
Distributed by the Weinstein Company and featuring the voice talents of John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, John Cleese and Christian Slater, IGOR is out on DVD now.
In the meantime you can watch the trailer on the official IGOR website.

In director Blaxwell Smart's FRANKENHOOD a reanimated African-American corpse supports the local posse on their way into a street basketball tournament. Apart from the fact that a corpse is reanimated, FRANKENHOOD bares no resemblance with Shelley's novel or any other Frnakenstein movie. The R1 DVD was released on May 5, 2009.

Creature Feature 

Recommended read

The Creature Feature has been discontinued until further notice.

This new section at FrankensteinFilms.com is devoted to current reviews of movies that the editor deems worthy of discussion.
Additionally this section also features selected non-Frankenstein horror topics. Several times a year we will present a new special feature on a movie series, film director, writer or anything else horror.

George A. Romero's Living Dead'
2008 movie reviews

Don Coscarelli's Phantasm series
Finally Marvel has done fans of their 1970s comic books a big favour by releasing a paperback collecting all issues of THE MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN. Additionally, the collection includes all appearances of the monster in Monsters Unleashed and Giant-Sized Werewolf. So, read our extensive review of this groundbreaking comic book series and then get the 496 pages of this horror classic. The only downside of ESSENTIAL MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN VOL.1 is that the collection is in black and white only, whereas the original comic books were in full color.



FrankensteinFilms.com features reviews of the following movies:

Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein
Alien: Resurrection
The Bride (with Sting and Jennifer Beals)
Bride of Frankenstein (Boris Karloff/James Whale)
Blade Runner (Ridley Scott/Harrison Ford)
Curse of Frankenstein (Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee)
Deadly Friend (Wes Craven)
Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
Evil of Frankenstein
Flesh for Frankenstein (Udo Kier)
Frankenstein (1910)
Frankenstein (1931) (Karloff/Whale)
Frankenstein 1970 (Karloff)
Frankenstein (1984)


Frankenstein (2004)
(Dean Koontz') Frankenstein (2004)
Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell
Frankenstein Created Woman (Peter Cushing)
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Frankenstein Reborn
Frankenstein: The True Story (James Mason)
Frankenstein Unbound (Roger Corman)
Ghost of Frankenstein
Horror of Frankenstein
House of Dracula
House of Frankenstein
The Hulk (Ang Lee)

The Island
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein

Lady Frankenstein
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (DeNiro/Branagh)
Re-Animator (Lovecraft)
Revenge of Frankenstein
Robocop (Paul Verhoeven)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The 6th Day (Schwarzenegger)
Son of Frankenstein
Star Trek: Next Generation
Terror of Frankenstein
Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks)
Van Helsing

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