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Kosher Wines

The meaning of Kosher Wine
Kosher wines more healty?

Grown on the sunny hills of Lake Neusiedl in the wine growing area Neusiedler See, produced under strictest supervision of Rabbi A.Y. Schwartz in Vienna,
the Hafner Kosher Wine Edition offers you a large variety of fine wines to fulfill the highest religious standards.

The Hafner Selection Kosher Wine productline consists of a full range of superior high-quality wines and specialities. There are fresh and fruity white wines,
dry harmonic red wines, noble sweet premium wines, dessert wines, Sparkling wines and Grape Juice. Everything for every lover of excellent wines!

And we are innovative! In vintage 2000 we could produce the world's first kosher Icewine with variety Chardonnay! This rare and exclusive noble-sweet wine speciality is a real treat for all wine connoisseurs!

All bottles of Hafner Kosher Wines are Kosher and Kosher for Passover to the highest religious standards.

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We are very proud of our method in producing Mevushal Kosher wines. Our method is so careful that the wines maintain their complexity and fruit. Therefore we could win Gold and Silver Medals at wine-competitions with our Kosher Mevushal Wines.

Consumption of Kosher wines for reasons of health?

The careful manufacturing of healty grapes from "Controlled and integrated viniculture" (a kind of organic cultivation by EU-regulations) as well as the biological and pure cellar technology enable many people, who are not in a position to drink wine because of  health reasons, the consumption of Hafner kosher wines! Many people, suffering by asthma or allergies against histamines confirmed the good digestibility of our products and are now again in a position to enjoy excellent wines.

HAFNER Kosher Wines



Sie befinden sich auch unseren früheren Web-Seiten! This is our former web-site!

The meaning of Kosher Wine?
The word Kosher itself means purity.
The jewish rules assure hygiene and pureness of the product
and act according to the rules out of the Bible.
The rules for wine are very strict.
In the Judaism as well as in other religions,
wine is used for sacramental purposes.
Nearly at each ceremony there are prayers spoken for the wine.

Kosher winemaking
As soon as the grapes are harvested, a Rabbi is supervising the winery
to guarantee that:

If the supervising Rabbiner A.Y. Schwartz from Vienna is convinced, that everything
mentioned above is fullfilled, his sign will be placed on cork, capsule and label.

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