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The Julius Hafner Winery is located in the quaint town of Moenchhof, approx. 50 km (35 miles) from Vienna on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl, Austria's oldest wine growing community.

The Pannonian climate has hot summerdays and warm mild days in late fall, which combines with the influence of lake Neusiedl, causing ideal conditions for the production of superior high-quality wines.

We cultivate our vineyards according to the organic rules of the "Controlled and Integrated Viniculture" (KIP), wherby conscious reduction in grop yield, maintainance of the ground-balance reserves and a late harvest, ensures the optimum grape quality. We supervise sub-contractors and have contracts
with several vintners to prove quality as well as the possibility of delivering larger quantities!

Hafner wines are characterised by a regional "style" at an international quality level, careful attention being paid to the right balance between fruit and body and the use of wood in stroing the wine.

Convince yourself and taste our premium wines!

Mag. (FH) Julius Hafner III
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