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Tafelwein - "Table Wine"
This is the lowest quality-class of Austrian wines.
The Winery Hafner is not producing wines of this category!

Is "Table Wine" from one specific region; minimum 11.5 % Vol.
and 14 degree KMW.

Qualitätswein - "Quality Wine" - HAFNER Selection productline
- originates from one area only
- must be produced from officially recognised grape varieties only.
- must be official examines and must bear an official registration number on the label
- minimum must weight of 15 KMW (73 Öchsle)

Prädikatsweine - HOUSE OF HAFNER -Estate Winery- productline
"Prädikatsweine" are quality wines in a way of extraordinary ripeness and harvest
Furthermore to the requirments of "Quality Wines" the Prädikatsweine:
- the wine may not be chaptalised (no sugger added!)
- must originate from one wine growing area exclusively
- residual sweetness only as a result of fermentation interruption or natural cessation of fermentation.
- has to be certified by official must weighing authorities
- must show official examination number

The uniqueness of Austrian Prädikatsweinen:
These pure natural products are:

Spätlese ("Late Harvest"): grapes must be completely ripe at time of harvest
minimum of 19 KMW (=94,2 Öchsle)
Auslese ("Selected Berry"): Spätlese, where faulty or unripe grapes are removed
minimum of 21 KMW (=105 Öchsle)
Beerenauslese (BA): produced of overripe grapes or grapes with noble rot (Botrytis Cinerea), minimum of 25 KMW (=127,3 Öchsle)
Eiswein (Ice-Wine): produced from grapes harvested and pressed while still frozen, minimum of 25 KMW (=127 Öchsle) Icewines with more than 30 KMW we call "Essencia" Icewines!
Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA): produced primarily from naturally shrivelled overripe grapes with noble rot - The Queen of Austria's Prädikatsweinen
minimum of 30 KMW (=156 Öchsle)
TBA's with more than 40 KMW we call "Essencia" TBA's!

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