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„My language is understood throughout the worldJoseph Haydn

The musicians of the Haydn Quartet have won a pre-eminent place in the music scene as specialists in the Vienna classics and are welcome guests at international festivals throughout the world. Apart from Haydn, their repertoire comprises not only the classical quartet literature, but also masters from Haydn’s time whose works have been undeservedly neglected, and works by modern and contemporary composers.

Among their many overseas performances are concerts in New York’s Carnegie Hall and in Beijing’s renowned National Centre for the Performing Arts on Tian An Men Square. They have also taught and performed at the Beijing Central Conservatory.

The quartet performs and records regularly in Austria and also appears on Austrian radio and television. It regularly performs in the Esterhazy castle where Haydn composed much of his music. To mark the Haydn centenary of 2009, it gave an exceptionally successful and unique concert series during which all 69 of the composer’s quartets were performed in St Michael’s, central Vienna, where Haydn also lived for some time.

Notable among its numerous CDs are the first Austrian performance of Carl Goldmark’s quintet, chamber works with cellist Rudolf Leopold, and a Gramola CD with the soprano Cornelia Horvak in a special arrangement of Schubert Lieder for soprano and string quartet. In 2012 the quartet was chosen by the Deutsche Musikrat to give the first performance and to produce a just released CD of the young German composer Daniel Smutny’s String Quartet.

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