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Email regarding Kuenzli - Points (Heli O Retzek)




Email regarding Kuenzli-Points

geschrieben von Heli O Retzek an einen amerikanischen Kollegen, der sich fragt, was es denn mit diesen mysteriösen Künzli-Punkten auf sich hat

Dear XXX,



Sorry to harrass you with such a long mail - I am aware that your time is precious and that I should state my message within 30 seconds, but I am convinced you have to know certain developments in Europes homeopathy to judge wether some "Kuenzli-Points" would be interesting or not.

I guess there is just one "sector" within homeopathy that is not so very well known in the States and among most of contemporary "modern" homeopaths.

This people I am talking about call themselfs "classical homeopaths", they are mainly Germans and Swiss and represent a certain fraction among the homeopaths nowadays.

Most of them are kind'a trained by a certain "school". This School was founded in Europe by Pierre Schmidt, who brought homeopathy back to Europe where it almost died out during the first and second world war.

P.Schmidt learned homeopathy in USA at the beginning of this century from a direct pupil of J.T. Kent.
P. Schmidt was a very serious "Kentian" pupil, he translated kents philosophy into french and had a few pupils.

Well known pupils from P. Schmidt are HORST BARTHEL, who wrote later on "Synthetic Repertory" and some other books. His son Michael founded the "Barthel Verlag", publishing this orange covered books.

Another very important pupil, probably the most important pupil of P.Schmidt was JOST KUENZLI von FIMMELSBERG (this swiss people always have this funny names).

Kuenzli was a very strict Kentian and brought a huge revival of the theory of chronic disease from Hahnemann back then in the 60ths

Kuenzli started to work Hahnemanns Chronic Disease into Kents Repertory - the Result is well known as the "Repertorium Generale", that is also in English available.

Kuenzli really made a difference and some influence in the german speaking corner, as he held many seminars and thus tought many young homeopaths.

His main teaching was "learn from Kent", "learn from Hahnemann",


he had a very impressiv knowledge about theory of homeopathy and a special style of treating. He strictly obayed the "rules", he waited always the time the remedy takes, he didnt change remedies in the 50M potency on a weekly bases as one can read it e.g. in the American Small remedy Seminars .....,

thus he had most cases just running on one or 2 remedies over 20 years.

DARIO SPINEDI was the only pupil who used to follow him everywhere, to sit for 15 years in every lecture of Kuenzli, to call him up in every difficult case.

Spindi himself became in the last couple of years a very impressiv influence in our language corner. He fills Seminars with 300 people, most of his "pupils" travel to each of his seminar.

His teaching is basically everything "Kuenzli -> Kent -> Hahnemann".

Spinedi founded a homeopathic clinic in Switzerland some years ago to treat very advanced disease, mostly cancer cases.

Now we can say that their way of treatment is extremly successfully in advanced disease. He routinly can cure about 50% of the cancer cases, most of them are advanced or even above any allopathic treatment options. This is not just prattling, they really give us some impressiv datas.

Their way of treatment as basically according to Kuenzly->P.Schmidt->Kent->Hahnemann, and just as those old masters used in their praxis for chronic cases not more than 10-12 remedies overall, the Clinica St. Croce people heal most cancer cases just with Phos, Nit-ac, Sep, Lach, Ars, Thuja ... with just a very few of the polychrests.

Kuenzli has left us with some gift: this is a notification which rubrics in the (normal Kent-) repertory have often been able to "solve" such a chronic case.

(I have to admit, this is purely for real chronic disease, for "pathology" - not for pure mental states")

using those Rubriks as a starter for elimination you are on the save side: e.g. recurring fever blisters, wens, cracks in corners of mouth, warts, scaly eruptions ....

all rubrics that show some damage to the integrity of the physical body of the patient, all rubrics that are cited by hahnemann in CD as signs of latent or rising Psora (which means signs of outbreaking serious chronic disease).

This rubrics have some advantage in working with:

1. you cut away all the modern - not clinical verified remedies, you are mainly left with ANTIPSORIC remedies (which means remedies that have the ability to heal chronic disease

2. they are the most important starting rubriks for serious cases, for cancer cases ....

3. they are clinically verified by (here in our corner) undisputed masters who healed most cases.



There is no secret about such rubrics, this are no further additions, this is just some sign of higher significance or importance of certain physical signs in the case.

E.g.: if you heal the present "Theme" of the patient, make him free of his "life problem", but the fever-blisters, warts, nevi and wens stay on the body, you did not touch deeper levels of the chronic, miasmatic process that he inherited from mom & dad who died of cancer and this chronic disease will proceed, finally kill the patient.

By putting the significance of this signs into the limelight (e.g. by eliminating with the rubrik "wens"), you deal right away with remedies that have proven to have the ability to heal wens, so you touch the deep level.

This is in some contradiction with Massimos or Rajans Teaching, who say: every remedy may heal everything, if it is the right one.

I guess, maybe because I - we  -hardly ever find the right one, being average and not so brilliant homeopaths.

But still, using above cited "theory" in mind, I myself - as some average homepath - have some dozend nicely healed cancer cases, not to compare with SPINDEDI, who has some cases, where even liver metastases went away, now with long year follow up.

Spinedis books are not available in English, he purely teaches in around here, he is not interested in fame nor travelling, so this things are not so well known internationally.

OK: now you know pretty everything you need to know about "Kuenzli Points"

1. There are homeopaths who work extremly close to Hahnemann, trained by Kuenzli, Spinedy and similars

2. Spinedy has proven repeatedly, that with this "orginal Hahnemann" approach you can heal even very advanced cancer states or other serious chronic diseases

3. an important tool to do so is the knowledge of the so called "Point-Rubrics". This are certain Rubrics in the repertory that are just marked by color, a point or underlining or by anything, just that the reader knows: "if your patient suffers this sympom, please put it high up in ranking  -  if you do not heal this symptom you did not heal the chronic deep seating process, even if he does fine mentally"

Where are these rubrics: they are in every repertory, but only Barthels Repertory Generaly has printed them with a dot preceeding, this is why we call them "point-rubrics".





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