Painting of the month: April 2019


Mother 2

Water Colors on Paper

40 x 50 cm

Ä 210.-







Mother didnít sleep well. She has an headache and a face like she hates the whole world. Itís her normal state. But today she shows the friendly quietness of a hungry beast of prey. Shortly she will rush on me and eat me. Unfortunately thats not allowed. It is not allowed to eat kids although they are evil like me. Completely evil because I do not follow her shouted orders. I cannot move because my legs are shaking. The fear of my mother changed me into stone for the moment. Fortunately she leaves the room due to her migraine Ė she cannot bear white wine, but she drink it anyway. She needs a pill. I Think she will not eat me, but herself. Then my shaking has an end and I can go out to the meadow with alle the flowers and butterflies.