Painting of the month: July 2018

Jungle 2

Oil on mirror

30 x 60 cm










In the jungle, all is bigger, more colorful, more vital, but also more poisonous and dangerous as here in this cultivated place. But my painting shows the jungle empty. There are just plants, No animals, Where are they ? Im afraid they got  liquitated slowly. Some we needed them to eat, some we wanted to make dresses from their skin. Some we just fell as disturbance. Who want to let poisony dnagerous animal alive ? The skins are very useful to make beautiful soft furcoats. So it was necessary to kill them. They got less and less and nobody cares. Now the jungle is empty and quiet. The plants are not completely disappeared, but this is just a question of time. The jungle makes a strange impression. Something is not in order. It looks liveless and dead. Nothing moves. But just now i hear a tweet. Really, a bird. How nice, I enjoy it.