Artist -  Paintings, Portraits, Sculptures

Curriculum Vitae

- born 1946 in Stuttgart/Germany
- painting since early childhood
- "County of Baden School of Arts", Lahr/Germany
- after primary and secondary education, finished my training for the gifted with an university degree at the "Mannheim State Academy of Arts, Graphic Arts and Design" in Germany
- during college already concentration on free painting
- 1972 moved to Vienna/Austria
- exhibitions in Germany and Austria

Themes and Technics:

- portraits and caricatures from own made sketches, from photographs, direct - aquarell, acryl on wood, oil on wood, black crayon
- landscapes - acryl on wood, aquarell
- phantastic imaginations - oil on wood, oil on mirror, featherdrawing
- abstract paintings - acryl on wood, featherdrawind, pencil
- sculptures - EFA-Plast (air drying - clay like mass)

contact: (comments are welcome)

Heri Hablick
Helenenstrasse 110/2/6
A-2500 Baden
Phone: +43 2252 43017
Email: heriundalfred@aon.at
Homepage: http://members.aon.at/herih


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