Some programs I have created for eComStation (formerly OS/2)....

PDFMergeNX Version 2.0.beta.4+  is an application to manipulate PDF files in various ways.

Samba for eCS (OS/2) external commands and related utilities Updated!to ease use and installation and provide additional functionality for current Samba builds. THis page is updated almost on a daily basis, as spend most of my sparetime to working on this stuff.

The following projects have a new home now, they have been open-sourced and are hosted at netlabs VX-REXX applications page

eRedMan Version 0.9.3   is a pipe redirection manager for eComStation and OS/2. eRedMan is a general pipe redirection utility (like printmon.exe or print2ps.cmd that comes with ePDF). Its equivalent in the Windows world is RedMon. eRedMan is able to monitor multiple pipes and associate one program to each pipe and execute that program, whenever data was written to the pipe. Latest addition is a commandline switch to setup a printer port for Samba i.e. run eredman /setup:smb
Font rendering configuration applet (FT2GUI) Version 2.0-beta.3 utility to configure TrueType, FreeType/2, the InnoTek Font Engine and other font related options most of them not available otherwise. Beta 3 has a serious bug fixed and it is distributed as a WPI archive, which also installs freetype.dll.

PMDCalc Plus Version 1.0.0.RC1 is a simple calculator for daily office use, which is optimized for simple calculations. In addition it has options to ease the transfer of
results from PMDCalc Plus into other programs using the clipboard and/or drag and drop Screenshot. The latest releases come with a convenient installer in WarpIN format (.wpi). The latest release includes the LEDPanel bitmap font (also usable for all kinds of clocks, panels etc.).

WPIView Version 1.0.8 and WPIView Version 1.1-Alpha.5 Updated!are utilities to view/install/extract/test/modify WarpIN installation packages. It is designed to acommodate all those WarpIN skeptics around the eCS-OS/2 community. Version 1.1-Alpha.5 has a new  option "Open target folder after extracting files" and displays a warning in case a searchstring is not found (anymore).

The files related to the following projects are still found here:

eWorkplace look and feel for xWorkplace version 1.0.8 You have installed the latest eComStation release, but you prefer the full feature set of Ulrich Möller's xWorkplace over the subset found in eWorkplace that comes with eComstation? - However you would also like to preserve the uniform look and feel of eWorkplace? Here is a partial solution: A new XWPRES.DLL with all xWorkplace bitmaps and icons replaced with their eWorkplace counterparts. Additional work would be necessary to convert all xWorkplace bitmaps and icons into the eCS-Style. Maybe sometimes later.

Just replace xWorkplace 1.0.6/7/8's XWPRES.DLL (Attention, it is locked!) with the one found in this archive and reboot.

FotoGet/2 Version 1.0.11 is a freeware utility to ease the transfer of your pictures from your digital camera to your eComStation (or OS/2) PC. The camera must be accessible from eCS (OS/2) by a driveletter (which means it must follow the MSD standard, as any recent camera does. PTP is not supported). As you might know already, this is not a device driver!

Dialogpatch für den deutschen Acrobat Reader 3.0 für OS/2 Dieses Paket enthält eine gepatchte Version der RDLANGPM.DLL des deutschen Acrobat Readers 3.0 für OS/2. Die meisten Knöpfe wurden auf ein vernünftiges Maß vergrößert, die Druckdialoge wurden komplett überarbeitet und sehen jetzt den entsprechenden Gegenstücken der Versionen 4.05 und 5.1 ähnlich und sind entsprechend besser zu bedienen.

RexxAutoStart This program is a workaround for timing problems that lead to a WPS hang on certain OS/2 fixlevels. Created by Herwig Bauernfeind and Chuck McKinnis.

Odin related tools and docs  Odin is the free implementation of a Win32 subsystem on eComStation (OS/2). I have created some tools and utilities to ease the usage of Odin. These tools are