PDFMergeNX Version 2.0 for eComStation (OS/2)Updated!Download

PDFMergeNX is an application to manipulate PDF files in various ways.
Currently it can be used to
PDFMergeNX already has
PDFMergeNX provides a graphical user interface (Screenshot) and acts as glue between GhostScript, XPDF 3.02 package (GCC edition) and ePDF (these all must be installed as a prerequisite).

Note: Post-beta.4 builds of PDFMergeNX require XPDF 3.02 (GCC-Edition), because it is the only XPDF package that comes with pdftoppm.exe, which is used in post-beta.4 builds.

Updated!The latest drop from 2010-11-18 has the most annoying errors of previous builds fixed and the usability of the "Add many PDFs" was slightly enhanced.

PDFMergeNX is still under development (although slow), feedback of all kinds is appreciated.