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NewsCache is a free cache server for USENET News. NewsCache acts to news reading clients like a news server, except that it stores only those articles that have been requested by at least one client. NewsCache targets problems of the current News System like network bandwidth consumption or the IO load caused by news clients.

The original author is Thomas Gschwind. Here you find the original home of NewsCache, the complete documentation and the original Status of the project. I collect the patches und create improvments since 2000. I created also the last version 0.99.19 on Thomas Gschwind's Homepage. On this page you can find a stable version of NewsCache with these patches and also a delevopment version of NewsCache. The goal is to create a new improved stable version of NewsCache. You can find a detailed description of bugfixes, improvments, new functionality in the ChangeLog file. The mailing list ( is dead since March 2002. Alex Holden from creates a new one (see Mailinglist).


Testing Version:

Version: 1.1
Download: NewsCache-1.1.92
FreeBSD: NewsCache by Tilman Linneweh
Diff: NewsCache-1.1.12-1.1.90.diff.gz
Diff: NewsCache-1.1.90-1.1.91.diff.gz
Diff: NewsCache-1.1.91-1.1.92.diff.gz
ChangeLog: here

Goal: Porting to g++ 3.0 Standard(see this page). Possibles solutions for the attach problem descriped in point 3 are Socket++ or GNU Common C++. I decide to use Socket++.
Status: compile with gcc 2.95, 2.96, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2. Run on Debian 3.0, RedHat 7.3, RedHat 8.0 RedHat Advanced Server on Itanium II, Debian 3.0 on Alpha.
Require: Socket++ Version 1.12.9, see here

Stable Version:

Version: 0.99.22p1
Download: NewsCache-0.99.22p1.tar.gz
ChangeLog: here
Patch (applying on 0.99.22): NewsCache-0.99.22p1.patch.gz
FreeBSD: NewsCache-0.99.22p1 by Tilman Linneweh
Debian (not containing pacht): not a official Debian package for woody by Herbert Straub: newscache_0.99.22-1_i386.deb, newscache_0.99.22-1.diff.gz
RPM: newscache-0.99.22p1-1.i386.rpm by Carles Arjona
Known Bugs:

Mailinglist provides the NewsCache mailinglist. It is available under

Send a mail (Subject and Body ignored) to
Send a mail (Subject and Body ignord) to
!!! The archiv does'nt display the last entries - Alex is working on this problem - workaround: click "Messages by date" !!! A NewsCache Mailinglist Archiv is also available
Search the Archiv
!!! Not available at the moment - Alex is working on this problem !!! A Search Engine for the Mailinglist Archiv is available: Select NewsCache from the pull-down box which currently says "All Lists" to limit the search to the NewsCache list. Note that the search engine indexer only runs once a day, so it can take 24 hours or more after a message is posted before the search engine will be able to find it.


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