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C++ socket classes

Socket++ is a family of C++ classes that gives the same interface as the iostream classes for input and output for communication between processes.

This documentation describes Version: 12Jan97 1.11 of socket++ library.

Socket++ Library Copyright Notice  Copyright information.
Acknowledgments  Thanks!
1. Overview of Socket++ Library  Overview of socket++ library.
2. sockbuf Class  Socket streambuf class.
3. sockAddr Class  Base class for socket addresses.

4. sockinetbuf Class  Socket class for INET address family.
5. sockinetaddr Class  Address class for INET address family of sockets.

6. sockunixbuf Class  Socket class for UNIX address family.
7. sockunixaddr Class  Address class for UNIX address family of sockets.

8. sockstream Classes  I/O socket stream classes and some examples.
9. pipestream Classes  I/O stream classes that provides pipe, socketpair, and popen facilities.

10. Fork Class  Use the Fork class to fork a child process.

11. Class protocol  Protocol base class.
12. Echo Class  Class implementing the Echo protocol.
13. SMTP Class  Class implementing the SMTP protocol.

14. Error Handling  Describes the default error handling in the socket++ library.
15. Pitfalls  Common mistakes that socket++ library users make.

Index  Index to concepts and program names

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