This webpage is about adding the Meade Autostar DS- system to existing telescope mounts. When I startet my first conversion in 2001 the situation was not as good as it is today. Steve Bedair was the only one who had successfully used the Autostar system with non - Meade telescopes. Great mounts! But I had a Vixen SP and Steve built his own mounts. And the GEM Autostar patches from Dick Seymour weren`t available yet. After a lot of trying I came up with my first conversion for my C8-SP. The key was to use the mount in ALTAZ mode and finding a way to attach the DS motors. You can still see the pics of my first conversion at M.Weasner`s Mighty ETX site.

Things have changed now. If you want to add the Autostar system to your mount there are a lot of great ideas for conversions on the web. I have put together my favorites in the links page.

My newest mount:  A Celestron C-14 fork (ca. 1990) with Autostar -goto. Left with a C8 OTA and right with a CR 150.

The C8 Super Polaris

The four must see links for Autostar conversions:

Steve Bedair    (Great mounts, the man who started everything.. thanks Steve! )

Christopher Erickson  (Step by step conversion instructions for GEM`s)

Stefan Königsheim   (Sells very professionally made conversion kits for CG-5 mounts)

RoboScopes  (Newsgroup about computerized telescopes)

Last updated:  04/2003

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